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Hey I just watched the new wolverine movie, or most of it, and in a scene of the movie wolverine gets stabbed through the body with a normal samurai sword. My question is, how and why and can this actually happen since his outer structure is filled with adamantium under the skin, or is it just the bones? thanks

also another thing, how can he remember what happened in WW2 with the Japanese guy when he cant remember jack from before the end of xmen origins?

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Because his bones only are adamantium, and Origins isn't canon I believe.

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Yeah, he can be stabbed.

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It must of went in between his ribs when he got stabbed, and in the X movie universe he can remember frames of his memory, especially big moments like weapon x, and surviving a god damn nuke. Also, if he sees something he has seen before it reminds him of what happened like seeing Striker in X2 reminded him of Weapon X, and seeing Yashida in The Wolverine reminded him of the Nuke

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@coreyko: See the thing is that they realized the memory erase bullet was stupid but they didn't want to do a hard reboot so that would mean that his memories can come back like it does with regular amnesia brought on by brain trauma. As for the stabbing thing, his bones are adamantium the rest of him is squishy red stuff just like everyone else.

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@coreyko: The events in the first 3 original X-Men films establishes him as getting his memory back, all thanks to Xavier. If I remember correctly, Wolverine only stayed at the Mansion because Xavier could offer this, which led onto the events of X2.

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yes, it is only his skeleton that is encased in adamantium, so if you stab him in the gut or through the rib cage it would go completely through.

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i always thought Logan started getting flashes of memory all the time in his dreams like x-1 and 2 showed. x-men origins was an ok film but it never felt like his story like the new one dose. i hope logan is over jean grey now i think they have done that to death i hope they explore his possible romance with Rogue sinse shes older now ik not many like that idea but i have wanted it sinse x-1 so we will see. and logan can get stabbed in the stomach area i think that is the only major soft spot he has right sinse his bones are like a protective shell thanks to adamantium.

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@loganrogue24: imagine they explore the rogue magneto relationship

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