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Something that's bugged me about Wolverine is that he has always had an American accent despite not being in the States long enough to develop one before joining the X-Men.

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true but I figure he would've easily adapted to the accent being he really did not remember much of his past before joining the X-Men, He is also a trained espionage agent who should be able to switch accents easily.

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He's Canadian, the accents aren't that different

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Isn't he way old and well traveled? He's had plenty of time to develop a repertoire of different speech patterns to break out at parties.

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@danhimself: What the....??!! lol

Meh -- American and Canadian accents aren't too different. Outside of the idea we say "aboot" instead of about, and Americans pronounce sorry like "sari" -- no biggee. It's the regions with heavy accents (our Newfoundlanders for ex.) which would make it discernable.

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@lykopis: Most americans don't say sorry like "sari"

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Well Superman should have a Kansas accent

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Most Americans don't say sorry at all. *sorry -- couldn't resist*

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@lykopis said:


Most Americans don't say sorry at all. *sorry -- couldn't resist*

Sorry------Not sorry

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There really isn't much of a difference between American and Canadian accents despite how pop culture really likes to emphasize the quirkiness of Canadian's speech.

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Wolverine is from Alberta, I believe. There is a slight accent in the Canadian Praries, but it's not super overt like the Newfie or Quebecois accent. However, Wolverine is like 150 years old. What part of Canada did he live in before moving to the states? Where I live in Southern Ontario, the accent is pretty much the standard American midwest accent. There's more of a difference in words used (especially for older people) than an actually different accent.

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There's differences though. Canadians don't say "aint". I'm pretty well traveled and I've never heard anyone outside of the US say "aint". Wolverine says "aint" all the time. Also, his overuse of double negatives suggest he's from southern or midwestern US. I'm not asking for him to have a Newfie or Prarie accent it just annoys me that Wolverine talks like Clint Eastwood if he's supposed to be Canadian. Claremont got the rest of the X-Men's speech right to a degree but Wolverine stands out like a sore thumb.

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They guy has spent just as much time in America as he has in Canada if maybe not more so it's not really a surprise there. This is a guy who has lived much longer than a normal human.

Not to mention that if you go by speaking based on where you were born then you have to figure in when he was born. What did a Canadian speak like way back then. Any that is a moot point because of the first one I made.