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I plan on getting ocean master #1 and poison ivy #1. I will probably get others too.

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Superman titles, Justice League, Mongul, Sinestro, Black Adam, Reverse-Flash, Black Manta, Ocean Master, Cheetah, First Born, Desaad, Trigon, Deathstroke, maybe Grundy.

Thats a whole lotta books.

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Secret Society

Black Adam

General Zod

Lex Luthor

Metallo (maybe)

Bizarro (maybe)

Doomsday (hopefully Pak can make him not seem like a one note monster)








Maybe not all of those, maybe different ones. I'm probably going to wait for reviews for most of them except the writers I trust to deliver good stories.

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I cut so much after seeing who was writing them so now my list is


Harley Quinn

First Born

Killer Croc

Dial E.

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@deaditegonzo: I just watched a video about how many there are and it seems Im getting 28 villains month titles + 3 Marvel titles+ 5-10 other DC titles, my body and wallet are not ready. The biggest being Superman cus of the 8 titles, luckily Im not a Batman reader cus they got stuck with 16 titles.

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None of them.

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Probably all the Batman ones XD

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Maybe just the Swamp Thing one but I'm still a little Anton Arcane'd out from Rot World.

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All of them.

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95% of Batman titles along with Justice League

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King Grodds, The Rouges and the one i'm most excited for Reverse Flash.