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Valiant's next big event, ARMOR HUNTERS, won't go on sale until June, but the publisher is easing the wait with a very sweet teaser. They've released a video trailer for Robert Venditti and Doug Braithwaite's upcoming book and it's certain to get you hyped. And yes, it keeps new readers in mind by providing the basics of X-O Manowar's backstory! Well, what are you waiting for? Go watch it!

ARMOR HUNTERS #1 will go on sale June 11th. CLICK HERE to enjoy a preview of the first chapter! So, who else is going to buy the debut issue?

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Pretty cool

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Valiant we love you.

If I could afford to buy 10 copies of every issue I would.

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Does any one else think that the big bad guy looks like smiley face Galactus.

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I wasn't to hyped for this to begin with. This, this changed my mind!

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This looks awesome. It would be cool if comic book trailers were animated like motion comics.

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I'm excited. This made my day.

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Cool video, I'm excited for the event.

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Yes, thats amazing

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I never read X-O Manowar, this looks real good.

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Damn.... U f@$king up my paycheck

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That looks awesome

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Wow it is amazing

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Music's a tad cheesy. But, I'm pretty hyped for this event.