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Mattel had a lot of collectible items on display. There's a lot of DC characters coming including figures from the 30th anniversary of the Super Powers line. If you've been looking for more He-Man figures, you'll find plenty from the Masters of the Universe as well.

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Wow. A Super Powers 30th line? I may be going to the poorhouse this year.

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This may be the first Toy Fair where nothing strikes my fancy.

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Awesome Back to the Future Delorean is awesome.

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That Golden Superman looks pretty cool, and I like that Firestorm figure. Then again, I always love Firestorm.

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THese toys remind me(tH) tHat I Hated tHat "THe Batman" sHow got cancelled. I wanted to see tHeir version of Ra's Al GHul, Two-Face, Scarecrow, and otHers. *sign*


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My Christmas list grows with each toy fair post

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Is that a Christopher Reeve Superman?

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I don't see the attraction in Mattel. The faces look awful, especially when compared to DC Collectibles.

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Michael Keaton Batman is the only thing that appeals to me here, most of this stuff has been out a little while though