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During Toy Fair, Hasbro's showroom is at an offsite location. It's a good thing because they have a lot of new product coming. There were a lot of Marvel Universe, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Transformers, and a whole lot more.

Get ready to check out over 200 pics.

My Little Pony

Just in case there is some interest, I took some pics of what was on display.

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Fun fact, Josh Keaton (the voice of Spider-Man from Spectacular Spider-man, and Green Lantern from Green Lantern TAS) is a Brony.

If you doubt it you can hear it in this interview:

CBC Spotlight EP10 Josh Keaton

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I am going to buy every Bucky toy they release for this movie!

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Toy companies are going to capitalize big time on how awesome Rocket Raccoon is.

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We wanna see Ronan and Thanos!

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Those Marvel Universe figures.

I can make my Mighty and Dark Avengers

Red She Hulk
ThunderStrike Thor

Man... Hasbro Marvel... Your making 2014 collection so happy for me now :)

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These have to be the best looking figures out of all the ones posted so far.

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I don't understand why thy didn't reveal Masterpiece Ultra Magnus and Bumblebee when both come out this year

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I saw three that I have to have: Marvel Legends Winter Soldier, at least one of the Rocket Raccoons (haven't decided which one yet), and (of course) the Black Series Wedge.

And did I ever say that I live one block away from the Hasbro world headquarters?

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Wasp Beta ray bill red she hulk and ares awesome.

Any one else think gamora looks a lot like a green painted black widow.

#10 Edited by Sifighter (99 posts) - - Show Bio A Miles Morales action Figure! Does anyone know when it comes out.

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So much Star Wars! I want them all! But of course I got to have Darth Vader first!

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That Rocket Raccoon is AWESOME!

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I need to add a Rocket Raccoon to my collection. I've been reading Abnett's old run and Bendis' current run in preparation for Venom joining the team, by I've really come to love the team and the different personalities. Especially Rocket Raccoon.

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wish they had a marvel legends miles

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Marvel Legends Annihilation Nova!

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I have the Captain America Legends wave. Very happy with it.

I'd like the Green Goblin build a figure but I don't want the majority of that wave. Maybe secondary market if I can find a reasonable deal.

The Grim Reaper and a few other Legends have me drooling.

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Great choices in the Marvel line. Whirlwind? Who'd have thought he'd be in a toy line-up. ( unless he was in the past, IDK, not a figure collector myself)

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Really like the Boomerang figure. I know its gonna be a difficult one to get a hold of.

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That Iron Spider would win me 1 million points with my nephew..