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I saw it at the shop today and was like oh man they got venom red hulk punisher and deadpool which are all characters I like but I haven't heard anything about it so is this run good? I haven't heard anything good or Bad about it

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It depends on what you like... If you think this book has non-stop action, it's wrong. Unfortunately this book has a very few "good moments" but nothing more. Gladly Marvel changed the writer on issue #12 and Charles Soule is doing a good job until now. If you have to pick it up, try issue #14, it's a new arc and probably it will be out in two weeks or so.

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it's sucks. avoid everything up until issue 14.

and even now it's not good . Not because the writer is bad, it's just that many elements in the series don't work

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Yeah its so very horrible, and the worst thing of all to me about it is the artwork plus the fact I can't stand Rulk and never could, but its not about me it's really just down to if you find it an entertaining read or not if you're a new reader I guess you've got to start somewhere.

Though if you like Deadpool there's better places to read.