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So the first story arc of GOT is coming to an end. What is your thoughts on this epic saga of Thunder and Blood ?

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A bit too late at night for me to write something intelligent so Really Good will have to do for now.

And your thoughts? ;)

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@hel: Its been pretty epic so far but if the last issue sucks then its going to suck. After all a great story can be ruined by a sucky ending.

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the arc hasn't ended since issue 11 is up to go yet, but i still didn't like issue 10

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Yes a story can be ruined by its ending but nothing could change my love for the first 7 issues - those are some of the best Thor ive ever read.

I love all the Icelandic townscenes seeing a more savage side of the god as he get together with the villagers (what Im trying to say is that I like the sex and the drinking ;) more of that please)

I also like the present Thor answering prayers and travelling the realms looking for gods alive. For all the Thor I read its too rare seeing him answere prayers in comics - more of that too and toss in that old librarian again somewhere in the future

Old Thor is just great. His ending is what Im the most curious about

Its not ended yet and I wasnt too enthusiastic over issue 10 (I could do without the Thorsisters) but so far so good. The 1st person narration by the Thors and Gorr are well written and make the story seem so much more personal. And Ive seen Thor have sex, drink, lead a band of vikings, answered prayers, interact whith other gods, drink some more, ride a space-shark, smash a planet, bickering with his three selfs, controlling weather half-naked without Mjölner so Im happy with that no matter what the ending will be like - but well I hope it doesnt suck ;) And have I mentioned drinking? ;) We take booze serious in Scandinavia so they got that right at least - more schnapps!

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@hel: Your from Scandinavia ? I can't believe I'm talking to a real viking :D

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Lol, yeah nothing but pillage and plunder all night long ;)

Seriously, yeah Im Scandinavian and we do have quite a lot of viking-age archaeological sites close from where I live. Runestones (though they are christian), remains of viking villages and burial grounds where they found coins, swords and jewelry (Im actually wearing a replica of a necklace they found in one of the graves - two birds facing eacother, could be Hugin and Munin)

And its belived that Tor were once worshipped on a hill where a church now stand - archaeological findings seems to confirm that

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Great first story arc. Epic art, genius writing, amazing villain, and lots of action. Let's hope Aaron can finish it with a bang.

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@hel: cool, I'm guessing Tor is another name for Thor right ?

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Swedish spelling like Loke and Oden

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I think it was amazing it is was a fresh new story that to my knowledge at least has never been done before. The art the story and the dialogue was superb. But what made this series was so great (besides the fact that it was a Thor series) is the Villain. He gave readers a new view on Thor, him being vulnerable like us humans. It felt almost like an epic poem, to me anyway, but I can't wait to see what the ending brings. This run put Jason Aaron right behind Walter Simonson as one of the greatest Thor writers of all times in my opinion.

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Thus far, Aaron's run has been pretty epic. He, Esad Ribic and Ive Svorcina have gone a LONG way to re-establish Thor as a premier Marvel property. It's Marvel's best solo superhero title going right now. I've yet to read #10 but there hasn't been a less than great issue yet so I'm confident. Can't wait for #11. I'm actually also intrigued by the standalone issue following it where Thor returns to Earth for a brief respite.

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Just finished issue #11

Best Comic series I've ever read.

For me being a Christian it resonates extremely well for me as a similar theme applies so yeah it was a near tear jerker for me.

Awesome, awesome comic. It had everything a Thor fan could ever want, it was everything a hero, no A God is supposed to be.