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So volume 1 has ended and what are your thoughts on the first arc ? Me I thought the first story arc was awesome. Jason Aaron writes Thor so dame greatly (yep that's right) and in my opinion is the best portrayal of the character since JMS run on the character. Esad Robbins art is just so epic I can't do his work justice by saying how great it is. Gorr oh boy Gorr is a badass and possibly the best thor Villain in recent memory. So all in all the first arc is awesome and definitely worth the money. So what did you guys think of the first arc of god of thunder?

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I really enjoyed the first story arc, the idea of having past, present and future Thor is brilliant, something out of the box but successful. I loved it and can't wait for the next part, I just hope Aaron doesn't drag this whole Gorr business otherwise it might turn boring, but up to now I'm very happy with it.

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Good as cake.

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F**cking Awesome story.

'Nuff said

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Hasn't been a consistently great Thor book done since the JMS days, and perhaps even further. Jason Aaron and Ribic are working magic. I can't wait to see what the "God-Bomb" is and how Thor is able to defeat Gorr.

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They need to keep up the pace.

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Really great.

It took me a while to warm to Gorr but he came good. I liked the latter half of his origin issue especially.

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I like the series, the first Thor book I have collected in a long time. I was disappointed in Gorr's backstory it seemed a bit Stock and cliche but it made me understand him a bit more.

Can't wait to see the future, but love the feel of it.

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The story telling was beautiful. That "What were you god of?"..."Thunder."...*BOOM*" scene was awesome

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The epic shot was a bloodied and angry Thor in the last page of issue #4 "Where is....the butcher of gods"

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It was phenomenal. I'm very excited for the future of Thor with Aaron.