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Respect Thor The Mightiest Avenger

Well this is going to be my new Thor respect thread, not much to say other than don't obviously disrespect Thor on this thread as it's to respect him, not bash him. I'm also going to try and post the feats that are more recent instead of ones from long ago. That's all, enjoy Thor fans, and everyone else who places their eyes upon this thread!


Being a god, Thor can do things other beings cannot, and he gets respect from other beings because of his divinity

1.The result of Thor and Zephyr (wind goddess) kissing was stated to nearly split the planet in two. I think it was a bit of an exaggeration, but when you have two insanely powerful gods with great potential doing things like kissing, there can be consequences.

2. Spider-Man tells Spider-Girl you will always be in over your head, unless your Thor

3. Deadpool knows not to fight a god (He even asks Thor for his autograph, which other hero has he asked that?)


Thor holds back a lot when on earth due to the fact that their are so few that can handle his power. Here are some examples of this.

1. Wasp and Captain America talking about how Thor holds back and only uses a third of his power. They couldn't beat a version of Thor who was more ruthless, but far less powerful.

2. Thor shows his restraint against Gogg, shows the difference in his power between him holding back and him not

3. Holds back on the Wrecking Crew

4. Holds back on women

5. Holds back on a Demigod

Physical Strength

Being the son of two insanely powerful gods ( Skyfather Odin and Elder Goddess Gaea ), Thor posses physical strength on a level which is equaled by a few, and surpassed by even less.

1. Thor casually flips over Fanfir with ease

2. Easily catches and lands a plane

3. Thor is able to easily lift the largest mountain in all of Jountehiem with what seems to be ease, and than he tosses it like it's nothing. What also makes this impressive is the fact that he had to bring the mountain all the way from Jountehiem to earth, which is a long journey, and he carried it to earth with ease

4. Thor easily lifts his own castle from Asgard and places it in Broxton. Thor has one of the, if not the biggest castles in Asgard

5. One of Laufey's (King of the Frost Giants) sons try to strike Thor with a giant sledge hammer, Thor blocks it with one hand

6. Thor easily catches a punch from Thing (Ben's fist crumbles a bit when Thor grabs it)

7. Thor catches Malekith's sword easily with one hand

Striking Force By Hammer Strike

Thor's striking force is pretty high without the use of Mjolnir, but with it nothing can match the sheer force Mjolnir strikes with. Thor pulls his strikes quite a lot because he knows how powerful he is compared to most, so his striking force can vary a lot depending on him.

1. A single strike from Thor has sent the Hulk hurling into a dam

2. Thor obliterates Tanarus (an amped version of Ulik with a Mjolnir like weapon) with a hammer strike. Tanarus's body is completed obliterated and a skull is only left afterwards

3. A younger version of Thor seemingly hits Gorr quite a far distance

4. Thor easily smashes apart Death Seed Sentry's face, although it easily reforms

5. Potentially the best of all Thor's striking feats in more current years. Thor strikes Gorr repeatedly to the point the moon they are standing under is falling apart, and looks to be about to burst open, but the feat doesn't end there. The strikes don't seem to be only effecting the moon under them, but a moon far off in the distance which seems to be cracking apart too. People believe that Thor was only destroying one world, but the narattion even states "The shattering of worlds around him", which means more than one, which is shown in the scan. (I say world because one moons can be bigger than planets, they range in size, and second the fact that the moon far away from Thor is described as being inhabited ).

6.Thor smashes a Builders head

7. Even as a teenager Thor could strike powerful blows on trolls

8. Thor tanks a bull-rush from Sentry, and strikes back with a powerful blow which sends the Sentry hurling

9. Thor & Balder talk about how Thor almost killed Hulk with his hammer strike(s) in the past

10. Thor strikes Nul (an amplified version of Hulk with a Mjolnir like weapon) so hard with a lightning amplified strike he goes into outer space and crashes somewhere else on the planet

11. Thor strikes Phoenix Force Emma Frost through many floors

12. Thor breaks Things arm completely off and breaks his jaw

13. Slaps around Colossus easily (Doesn't seem to be trying)

14. Thor hits a small asteroid through Glory's hand

15. Thor destroys Agger's submarines

Striking Power By Hammer Throw

Although Thor strikes hard with Mjolnir, he can strike just as hard by just throwing the hammer at it's target.

1. Thor's hit the Phoenix Force so hard with by throwing Mjolnir, it was surprisingly knocked out.

Here is what the writer of this incident had to say.

2. Here we have Thor easily kill a version of Thing ( amped version with a Mjolnir like weapon ), by simply having Mjolnir go through his body. This is the same Angrir who defeated Rulk without much trouble previously.

3. A hammer throw from Thor was capable of splitting a mile half aircraft in half

4. Thor's knocked out the physical embodiment of strength on earth with a hammer hammer throw

5. Thor throws the hammer into space which flies around the sun, comes back and straight through a Builder'

6. Storm stating how hard and powerful Thor throws Mjolnir. She even says it punches through steel and concrete as easily as air. Some other things too.

7. Spider-Man webs Mjolnir, so Thor simply tosses it into space with Spider-Man holding onto it


Thor sometimes flies at great speeds at his opponents

1. Thor flies through Glory's chest at fast speeds

2. Thor greatly hurts Galactus by flying into his head, breaking his helmet

Thor's Striking Force By Fist

It's commonly believed by people that Thor does not have the physicals or striking force to fight high tiers without Mjolnir, which is extremely wrong. Thor's striking feats without Mjolnir are up there with the heavy hitters.

1. Thor was able to punch an undead Asgardian warrior into space with ease. I would believe this one was more powerful than the usual as seeing by how he was capable of choking Thor a bit.

2. Thor shows off his insane striking force by punching a being (Agger) he describes as having "the strength of the Hulk" so hard that he flies all the way from Asgard to the city below. ( Agger is seemingly unconscious or close to it )

3. Thor punches Makekith with a lightning punch which causes him to bleed a little, and another which sends him hurling to the streets ( they were downstairs in an undercover shop )

4. Sends Captain Britain hurling with a punch

5. Thor beats Fenris The Wolf and Loki so hard and fast his hands smoke up

Weather manipulation

Being the god of thunder and basically storms he is capable of controlling every form of weather.

1. A young Thor calls down a lightning bolt to strike Gorr The God Butcher

2. Thor summons down multiple lightning bolts on the Skrulls during Secret Invasion

3. A young Thor makes it rain fire

4. Thor summons winds from 1000 worlds

5. An angry Thor strikes Wolverine with a bolt of lightning

6. An angry Thor fries Daken with a lightning bolt

7. Thor summons up lightning on the Void

8/9. Thor calls down lightning on himself and the king of trolls/ He also makes it rain

10. Thor destroys half of a mile wide aircraft with a bolt of lightning

11. Thor's lighting have been able to block a energy beam that was capable of ripping the planet apart

12. A mind controlled Thor breaks the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak with a lightning bolt, also sends all the other heroes flying

13. Thor in a contests of strength finds himself helpless against Hercules head lock, (Hercules is the better fighter), so he summons a single bolt of lightning which sends great pain to Hercules

14. Brings rain to a dead world, after he hears a prayer

15. Thor lands the X-Men jet with a whirlwind, and does not injure one being upon it

16. Thor summons a massive storm against Hulk when enraged and puts many civilians in trouble

17. Thor hurts Hela (Asgardian god of death) with lightning bolts

18. Thor calls down lightning on Roxxon facilities, Roxxon and co register it as a "superstorm". He costs them 400 million damage in that specific location and much more throughout the world

19. Manipulate a demigods wind

Lighting versatility

Thor can do more with his lightning than call down it or amplify his hammer strikes with it

1. Thor unleashes a blast lighting on a horde of Glory's lackery, he does this all around himself

2. A lightning blast battle between Thor and Ragnarok shows who's lightning is more powerful, Thor easily proves he's more powerful

3. Thor can emit lightning throughout his whole body, it even comes from his eyes

4. Thor can release enormous blasts of lightning

5. Thor uses lightning to merge Mjolnir back together after Perkius the dark god slices it in two

6. Thor and Malekith are countering each other, lightning against a magic blast, in-which Thor's lighting wins

7. Using a lightning blast on the Phoenix Force

Energy projection

Although Thor can control the weather, he can also unleash energy blasts

1. Thor emits a blast of energy against horde of creatures

2. Thor blasts Kang with an energy blasts that sends him hurling through the building their in, and quite some distance

3. Thor unleashes a wave on energy against the horsemen of Apocalypse (The horsemen were Spider-Man, Nor-Var, Wolverine, and Spider-Woman)

4. Thor unleashes a blast of energy to put a hole in a metal door

5. Thor fires a blast of energy at Perkius the dark god

Earth Manipulation

After accepting Gaea as his mother, Thor is shown to be able to manipulate the earth just like his mother did

1. Thor uses his earth manipulation to make a giant chasm to split two nations from each other

2. After striking Gorr so hard a distant moon (that's inhabited) begins to crack apart, so Thor flies over there and uses his lightning and earth manipulation to mend it back together

Durability From Physical Damage

Not only can Thor dish out devastating physical strikes, he can also tank them.

1. Thor is bull-rushed by Sentry with an an energy punch, in-which Thor gets up quickly and hits him away

2. Thor tanks a hefty punch from Thanos

3. Multiple Mjolnir like weapons clash together, and when the explosion caused from them hitting is gone, only Thor is still standing

4. Thor tanks a punch and being smashed into the ground by Death Seed Sentry

5. Sentry bull-rushes Thor at many times the speed of light through space, and smashes him into a distant planet

6. Thor tanks a punch from Sentry which is felt across the planet their on

7. Thor survives being squeezed by Glory who is extremely big (First scan is Glory's size, second scan is him squeezing Thor)

Durability From Energy Based Damage

Same can be said in the form of energy

1. Thor was capable of tanking multiple blasts of Anti-Matter from Electro who was greatly amplified

2. A mind controlled Thor tanks multiple blasts from Scarlet Witch and Havok which had little effect on him, in-which the Scarlet Witch had to BFR him

3. Thor tanks a cosmic blast from an angry Silver Surfer. He not only tanks it but seems to have not been really effected by it, not to mention Thor was already damaged by the World Tree and has a rainbow wound that greatly hurts him at the right side of his gut.

4. Thor tanks Thanos's eye beam

5. Thor is the closest to Thanos when he releases his energy, yet he isn't too badly damaged by it

6. Thor tanks a blast from a Thanos clone which was ripping apart the planet

7. Thor tanks a direct blast from the Starbrand (It was capable of blocking Hyperion's heat vision, messing up Iron Man's amour, and scrapping paint off of Captain America's shield without it touching them)

8. A holocaust bomb from Kang The Conquer does more damage to Wonder Man than it does Thor

9. Tanks a blast from the Phoenix Force

Piercing Damage Durability

Thor can take plenty of weapons that would easily slice through most or go deeper into their flesh

1. Perkius the dark god slashes Thor and fires darts that pierce his skin, Thor tanks it and follows it up with a energy blast (The weapon used to cut Thor here was capable of slicing Mjolnir in two)

2. Glory's insects bite through Thor's flesh, although he takes the punishment

Telepathy Resistance

Being of divine origin, Thor has great telepathy resistance

1.Thor easily resists a telepathic assault from Phoenix Force Emma Frost

2. Thor is assaulted by Glory's laughter mentally, yet he goes through it and straight through Glory's chest

3. Again, but this time Glory's insects which attack Thor's psyche

4. The Corrupter tries to mentally control Thor again after Nova knocks him back to his senses, but this time Thor is prepared and resists it

Energy Absorption

Thor is capable of absorbing various forms of energy

1. Thor drains Kangs energy from within him, and fires it back at him 10 fold

2. Glory, a being who is said by the writer of the comic, stated that he equaled a pissed off Odin. Thor absorbs Glory's blast and fires it back at him

Opening portals

Thor is capable of opening portals to various dimensions

1. Thor can easily open portals

2. Thor opens a portal to the dark matter fields (which is on the outskirts of existence) send the Phoenix Force's energies

3. Thor teleported Wasp to the Microverse in Secret Invasion when she had become a bomb

4. Thor teleports everyone from a shield hell-carrier to a Football stadium without them knowing

5. By vibrating the piece of Mjolnir Thor gave to SHIELD, the machine can open a portal to any point in the entire Space/Time continuum, further demonstrating how vast the hammer's teleporation capabilities are

6. Thor opens a portal to some extremely hot place(or maybe a powerful form of energy?), and pushes Uriel through it (You can tell this place is extremely hot (or maybe a powerful form of energy), because Thor's arm is burnt off and he has been capable of going through stars without damage )

7. Thor can trap opponents in a vortex that sends to the Void that exists between all time and space

8. Thor opens a portal to an ocean to let it flow through onto the world he's one which is being destroyed by green gamma lava (He also states he has to be careful, because he can bring forth a star through the portal)

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Alright this is not even close to being done, so can people please refrain from spamming this thread as of yet, please and thank you.

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@New_World_Order: I just want to say that in regards to that scan of Sentry blitzing Thor, the next page IIRC shows Thor outright manhandling Sentry.

Here are some other scans from TGOT #21. Old King Thor vs Galactus

Hits Galactus so hard that he vomitts the energies of one thousand worlds, if one solar system assumingly can hold 12 planets, then 1,000 planets can represent around 83 Solar Systems, so Galactus had a lot of old meals knocked out of him, he also breaks his tooth and tanks two massive hits, before succumbing

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Can't wait to see this grow. The other Thor respect threads are basically dead. Everyone complains about his best feats being really old so it's nice to see someone acknowledging his best recent ones.

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Awesome job. I'm definitely keeping an eye on this

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When you say recent feats, how far back are you willing to go?

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@jayc1324: well until he answers I think we can look to the oldest feat in his list so far as a base point lets say.

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@New_World_Order: also you forgot to mention about when thor mends the moon its also a strength feat he pulls it back together

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@frozen Yeah I'll have a separate part each for Young Thor, Old King Thor, and other versions, and thanks for the Sentry info.

@jayc1324 Thanks, and you'll see how far back I'll go. I'm trying to stray out of the classic era and some above, that's pretty much all.

@themadsurfer Exactly^^

@unbreakable_fs4 Thanks

@coolcat4Yeah, I'll get to that but I don't think he was holding the entire moon together, more like a part.

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I suggest scans of Thor vs Mangog that involves him tanking a beating, striking power for him, anti-matter blast in mountain level.

Thor vs thanosi that involves a anti-matter blast of planet level.

Durability-Piercing: Thor bullet proof(after RKT saga), bullet proof again against 1 trillion of dollars of high tech guns including calibers higher than .50 with no scratches at all(Thor:GOT), Thor tanking multiple Disir's slashes with Bor blades that in previous issues literally dismembered a regular Asgardian. Holding Malekith's sword with the hand with no injuries or minimal.

Durability-Energy/extreme temperatures and pressure: tanking a blast from Death Seed Sentry, Literally fighting inside the sun against Gorr, Survive being engulfed in Surtur's essence for a long time, survive being engulfed in Exitar's cosmic energies that literally disintegrated future Abomination.

Combat speed: That's the place where you put Thor vs Fenris and Loki and the casual motion of Thor's arm(while Spider-man was looking) where spider man couldn't release the hammer before being in space, strike the ground before quicksilver hit him.

travel speed: TGOT "stars flickered...''(you know what I'm talking about), outracing Ego.

Divinity: when Thor mentions he can do a Godblast in Ego's surface.

Weather manipulation/energy: Lighting capable of hurting Mikaboshi, KO Ego with lightning, (original Sin) Thor absorbs a storm capable of shaking worlds and than releases the energy to brake the barrier of the tenth realm, one-shots Hulk, obliterates Sentry-Void.

Durability-blunt: Tanking a beating from Odin in the destroyer armor.

Striking: knock the Phoenix force into another planet, destroy Demogorge's heart, one-shots modok, make an explosion when hits Ultron, Destroy ultron's head made of planadium(planadium> secondary adamantium), hits the collector, kills Ragnarok, kills Angrir.

Skills: Young Thor easily beats Sif in a sword fight, Thor two-shots Hogun and Fandral both fighting at the same time against him.

Thor stalemate classic Drax with the power gem and easily manhandle two hulks.

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Thor is the Mightiest Avenger!

All hail Thor!!!!!

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About time a good respect Thor thread cause marvel clearly has no respect for him

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Thors clone kills Goliath with ese and made the rest of the heroes run for there lives.

The scan is a bit weird so you have to read it from the right side

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Ragnarok and is creator Fate...

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Like I said in the other respect thread: It's a damn shame that Marvel is going to disregard all this just to promote an impostor just for the sake of "equality".

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Just barely skimmed through - seems like nice work but you might want to make note of things that are from What-Ifs and the like rather than normal continuity.

For example Caps comment about Thor holding back on Earth is from "What If? Civil War" & the Sentry speed-blitz is from "What If? Secret Invasion"...

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@themadsurfer: Do you have scans of Thor tanking the high tech guns?

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Here are for those who thinks Thor isn't bullet proof(high tech guns and >= .50 caliber):

And this is how he is at the end(if you can see any scratches it's already a lot!!):

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@themadsurfer: Thank you I am arguing with a Superman fanboy on YouTube who thinks Thor is not bullet proof because Thor got knocked out by a sniper bullet in a black panther comic or so he says.

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This what happens with a regular Asgardian with Asgardian armor(similar to Thor's) when he challenges The Disir:

And this is what happens to Thor(superficial cuts like wolverine's ones):

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i think this is a sick piercing damage durability feat. Thor in his battle with Gorr was aten and stabbed by the Gorr´s black maggots and necro sword.

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no on e respects him as much as i do

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@thorson: nay my friend i respect him more he is the adaptation of one of my religion god. al hail the thunder god.

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Great thread!!!!! Skal!!!!!!

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@New_World_Order: Is him moving the world tree recent enough because i saw some that looked around the same time

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find a day when i'm not respecting THOR?

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Thor calling forth a huge lightening storm across space to Heven was mighty impressive, that right there shows even when he does lose his hammer hes still ridiculously powerful and worthy of respect.

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Thor vs Angela round 2 (it seems he wasn't 100% in their first encounter...)

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Thor: God of Thunder #25

Slices a Frost Giant in half with one swing

Calls down a huge bolt of lightning without Mjolnir

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Here is a fairly recent feat from Original Sin : The Tenth Realm. Thor, using his lightning break open a hole in the dimensional barrier created by Odin.

The thunder used to open the dimensional lock was so powerful than it was heard by Guardians of the Galaxy, who where in a whole different corner of the universe.

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Much better coordinated. You can access the scans clearly, something the other thread lacked.

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There's also a great lightning feat from Thor in Original Sin 5.4 without Mjolnir where he levels an entire building with a summoned bolt of lightning without using Mjolnir.

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I wanted us to take another look at this particular feat from classic thor when he makes an extremely powerful omnidirectional lightning attack which was so intense that the residual energy knocked out the hulk and turned him into banner when he caught him.(also even tho they both were knocked out, thor woke up first :P)

creates solar winds to travel faster than light

doom learns that an average asgardian can survive from having their vitals removes. doom ponders what someone like thor is capable of

pain tolerance

if you are worthy to hold mjolnir, almost nothing can keep it from you. not even dimensional barriers.

or hell itself.

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Inhuman 004

Thor easily reacts and blocks an already fired bullet from a snipper rifle

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Inhuman 004

Thor easily reacts and blocks an already fired bullet from a snipper rifle

That's a reflex feat almost any street leveller can replicate.

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@lvenger: yep, but it's still at least a good showing for Thor considering his reputation in regards to speed.

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@themadsurfer: I have no intention of derailing this thread too by senselessly arguing with you over a false depiction of Thor's combat speed. Just pointing out a fact in terms of comic book feats, that's all.

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My opinion about Combat Speed and Reflex (reaction time ) that I posted on a Thor Vs Superman thread :

Yop yop yop :)

No offense mister but :

"I like your analogy but its deeper then that, Thor for the sake of the argument has microsecond reaction time Kal has nanosecond reaction time. Meaning Kal could literally land one thousand blows for every single one Thor lands. Lets say superman would never resort to such an assault but would he really need 1000 blows to beat thor? no not even close not to mention superman can speed up his perception making thor nothing more than a statue."

What I think about it :

I see a flaw in that proposition.

Why ?

Simply because your reaction time is not the combat speed but literally "the frames of the perception".

What does it mean ?

It means that if an object goes through your perception field, just speaking of the sight, you are allowed to perceive it.

Sorry if I am not very clear. ^^'

For exemple :

A stellar body goes through the limits of the sight of Superman while he is flying at superspeed and disappear in an attosecond.

Why Clark is capable to see this stellar body ?

He is capable to see him because his brain process to perceive every attosecond and the stellar body moved in that interval.

In other terms Clark have a better perception of a fight and a better reaction time and because he can see the movements in a slower motion than Thor he will be able to have more precise movements in the fight and to react faster.

To conclude :

That don't mean, in my opinion, that the overall speed of the fight will be faster for Clark, he will just have a better overall subjective speed.

So what do you think about it ? Do my proposition sounds logical to you ?

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@lvenger: I agree we shouldn't and we won't discuss this in this thread, I was just pointing that your post was pointless since yourself even thinks that's the fastest that he can go. So there was no need to say that in a respect thread where we don't keep comparing his feats with others we just post them and enjoy or not(in that case you can discuss it in other threads).

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the most respect avenger!!

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Anybody has the scans of the new Female-Thor deforming/smashing and opening a door made of a Vibranium core with Adamantium plating??

#47 Posted by uugieboogie (5009 posts) - - Show Bio

Anybody has the scans of the new Female-Thor deforming/smashing and opening a door made of a Vibranium core with Adamantium plating??

Also showing Mjolnir even dented the vibranium & adamantium plating

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@themadsurfer: this thread is about THORs feats. Please leave that piece of crap impostor out of this. Nothing she does is noteworthy anyhow.

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