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What are Thor's best stories centered around him? I always liked Thor but never really decided to read his comic til now. I know about Marvel Now and Thor: The Asgardian God or whatever but those prices are OUTRAGEOUS. I mean 3.99 an issue?! Anyway I would also want to know how is The Avengers vs Xmen thing.

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Buy Walter Simonson Omnibus, it has tons and tons of pages of Thor.

And about The Avengers vs X Men, i suggest you to dont read Thors part, simply because its full of PIS against him.

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I would suggest Blood and Thunder, it spans the marvel universe and gives insight to his current relationship with members of his family. Another fun one is the Thor Disassembled Ragnarok storyline. Of course you also can't go wrong with his JMS series I believe issues 1-25 should do it.

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The current Thor: God of Thunder title is pretty excellent and generally well-received critically. Contains a very fun story and some gorgeous artwork. Well worth the pricetag, but there's always TPB format.

AVX was a joke of a story especially concerning Thor's appearance. Avoid it like the plague. He's merely involved to help accentuate the threat of the Phoenix Force powered mutants.

In the current Avengers by Hickman, he largely has a ceremonial role. In Remender's Uncanny Avengers he plays a significant part on the team, especially in the current time-spanning "Ragnarok Now" storyline going on. It's old-school storytelling with great art by Acuna.

Unforunately, it's only started to begin turning around for Thor, as he has been dubiously mistreated at best since returning in 2007. Post-JMS/Gillen and Pre-Jason Aaron Thor ranged from brutish to downright awful at times under the stewardship of Bendis and Fraction. So-called "Thor centric" events (Siege and Fear Itself) featured the character getting beaten up constantly and even "dying" again as well as his floating city of gods being destroyed like it was a Midwestern town. I'm doing my best to forget all that crap and focus on the stellar run by Aaron and Ribic, which will continue for the foreseeable future.