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REALLY excited for the next issue.



GODBOMB Part Two of Five

• Thor in chains. Gorr transcendent. All hope for divinity lost. As the clock ticks down on one very large bomb, as enslaved gods look to the skies for a savior, enter...the Girls of Thunder?

I wonder who these "Girls of Thunder" are. Are they his proteges? If not would you guys like to see Aaron introduce a new protege? I SURE WOULD!

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@powerherc: since you are probely the biggest mythical hero on the vine let me as you, wh at do you think thors role will be in infinity and are you exited for this event ?

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@z3ro180 said:

@powerherc: since you are probely the biggest mythical hero on the vine let me as you, wh at do you think thors role will be in infinity and are you exited for this event ?

I'm not really up on Infinity but I will probably be checking it out.

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"The Hammer" by The War Horsemen ft. Chuck D

Download Hardgroove's New Marvel-Themed Single Featuring Chuck D

@Sessionville.com http://sess.in/a280

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@lordmaverick and everyone else

Just read Thor God Of Thunder #1 First thor comic I've ever read... MAN I LOVED IT!!! cant wait for the next one I got given it free at the comic store as a halloween offer and I can honestly say I'm gonna be hooked on that series. I'm no Thor die hard fan so I'd be intrested to see what you guys thought of it

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starting to get into Gorr, he seems tough. someone that will push THOR over his limits.

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@hoenhime: I sort of do agree with u but if they don't downgrade his power then he wouldn't be able fight at his full strength (and that would jus be stupid)becuz the real Thor can destroy a planet with a single punch(and if he's trying to save earth and ends up destroying becuz he hit it with too much power would make him the bad guy and ruin the movie)

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Finally saw Thor the Dark World lol wasn't bad. Not a fan of how Kurse looked tho...

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how will thor be involved in original sin...

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@AssertingValor: the way the depict the Thor & the Asgardians in the Disney films really bothers me . There good action movies to watch but I saw someone mentioned how the malekeith face was wrong but the whole way the gods are depicted bother the shit outta me . It indeed was a good movie tho to watch

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Also bearing in mind the myth, I was trying to portray Thor in a more subtle manner than they did in the previous movies in my Thor 3 screenplay (spec script). If you like, have a look at


and tell me what you think! :)

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I have a question- Did Thor have the odin force after his rebirth (J. Micheal Straczynskis run)?

Because I read in the Marvel Wiki that he lost it after his rebirth for unknown reasons but in the comic book it stood that he has it, so I am confused. :/

Please help me with this question.


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i read that in a recent new avengers issue Thor loses his worthiness to wield his hammer. In the scan it showed Thor talking to another Thor and one plotting against the other and being jailed.

Can anyone explain to me what was going on in that issue? I dont know the issue number

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I'm doing and A-Level project on Thor just wanted to know if you liked the newest development of the character (not being worthy and a girl taking up the role?)

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That was a starbrand user. Thor just got a hell of a striking feat and a hell of a durability feat considering an indirect hit messed up Cap's shield and ironman's latest armor.

what issue is that one and in what comic it appear?

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What happened to Thor's arms in the most recent comics? why is it metal?

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Ever since Thor got a robot arm I've coined the phrase "Cyborg Thor" it's pretty hilarious how much it bothers some people when you call Thor that, but I'm going to keep doing it and everyone should start doing it.