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Jackie estacado what race is he?

P.s did I fix it?

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What ?

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That makes no sense.

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He was raised as a son?

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@z3ro180: @cameron83: @johnnygat: sorry im a horrible speller i mean like is he hispanic is he white is he italian is he well you get the point

p.s i think i fixed it

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It's not clear. He's like Desmond from assassin's creed or Mercer from Prototype where it's never explained and he could arguably be anything.

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he's at least as white as Zimmerman or Obama? no- what? wait which thread is this?

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I think he's Italian

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It depends on how far back you want to go.

Jackie is at least a 5th generation Italian American going back to his great-great-grandfather Anthony Estacado.

However the name Estacado goes back more than 500 years to Christian Estacado, ruler of an unnamed kingdom, so he could be anything. Then in 1492 Spanish Gypsy named Michaelangelo Estacado was born in to the family.

The men of the Estacado family tend to have Spanish names up until Anthony.

I would say he is Italian American, at least culturally. The last 5 men in his family were Italian American, he was raised in an orphanage run by an Italian nun, and he was adopted by the VERY Italian Frankie Franchetti