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How different is Thanos from the Titan/earth eternals? Is he more similair to those of earth due to his mutation, or does the deviant gene just give him mutated skin that absorbs cosmic energy?

Also, I'm wondering if anyone has specific comics that talk about the history or powers of the Titan eternals, and if anyone knows for sure what the main similarities and differences are between them?

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Due to his mutation and years of finding ways to make himself more powerful and intelligent, Thanos is far superior to the other Titans and most likely the Eternals as well.

The Titans were a group of exiled Eternals. Mentor (an Eternal) and Sui-San (a Titan) helped regroup and repopulate the Titans.

The Eternals were experiments of the Celestials and their powers were awakened by an expirement gone awry (by Kronos, thus giving him his apparence today). This made the Eternals virtually invulnerable and long lived. The Titans were not near this event and thus are not as powerful as their Eternal cousins.

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Thanos is half Earth-Eternal and half Titan-Eternal but seems to be more powerful than either of those as well as any Eternal from any species in the universe. He has been said to be a mutant Eternal and he's been said to be bionically enhanced, but neither of those early descriptions/explanations of his power are commonly spoke of or used these days.

What seems consistent when it comes to Thanos' power is his ability to tap into and manipulate massive amounts of cosmic power, his incalculable physical strength and his diabolical genius.