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Seriously its been a focal point of 5 movies, an entire TV series, the last four seasons of Smallville and a large portion of an animated series. Superman's entire life doesn't revolve around Lois so why does it have to be a plot point in everything he's involved in outside of comics?

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To me, it seems Lois is more like Superman's voice in this film, she'll interview him, figure out where he came from, and will probably coin the phrase "Superman". Maybe she'll be like Pepper in the first Iron Man film, they'll have a flirtation, but nothing too heavy.

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Well I liked their relationship but these points are really valid

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I'm just saying the relationship is established, everyone knows its going to happen so it doesn't need to be central to the plot.

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I agree. This is about Clark's journey to becoming Superman, developing his relationship can be saved for a sequel.

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Can't believe people are arguing that it's needed to be focused on.

Like you said, it's been given how much media spotlight already. I'll be damned if it needs anymore. AT LEAST, save it for a sequel.

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....how about watching the movie before jumping to conclusions?

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@k4tzm4n: I'm not jumping to conclusions, I've just noticed that many of the bad reviews have been complaining about the lack of focus on this relationship and my point is it doesn't need to be addressed in depth in this movie.

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So... maybe put that in the OP to help clear it up? ;)

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@k4tzm4n: I tried to put it in the title but it keep saying I had too many characters.

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I don't think they need a relationship since we may have Wonder Woman in the movieverse soon.

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@bogey: I doubt.As it was said up to me that the attention to the relations between Clark and Lois will be given in the sequel.In this film, more attention is paid to the formation of the hero.

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@beautifultemptress: I know, my post came from the large amount of critics complaining about the movie not focusing on it as much as the Donner movies, tho they seem to be pissed in general that this wasn't a carbon copy of the Donner movies so its possibly a side effect of that.

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I'm just tired of them doing the same old dance over and over again. That's why I prefer Wonder Woman.

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@joshmightbe: Their kiss makes clear that in the sequel they become a couple.And I hope that the creators will pay attention to the grievances of people about it.

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I'm sure it will be focused in the sequel. Goddamn this critics are all Donner wankers. This s**t is getting ridicules...

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Yes, I'm sure we'd all love to see Man Of Steel without the intensity of Michael Shannon, the themes of new ideas vs antiquated social roles, and the immense depth of the new Superman, no, we want to see Lois and Superman make out more. Yeah, yeah, sure

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I don't care about Superman and Lois's relationship. Why do fictional-characters need to have relationships (girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, husbands and all that nonsense)? I go to see a movie about Superman to see Superman's story and Superman in some action-scenes, not to see some relationship.