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Has anyone else noticed that Jim Lee's Superman rarely ever smiles or show any emotion at all. Lee's Superman always looks like he's pissed of at something. I guess its because he wants to make him look cool, but at least allow him to show some positive emotion on his face. Even in the recent issue of Superman Unchained, batman showed more emotion than him

P.S. I would post pictures, but it wont let me right now.

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Your face is serious.

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Because Jim Lee knows just three faces: srs, constipation and a smile.


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@lilben42 said:

Your face is serious.

I don't see how I have done anything to warrant that comment.

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@eternal19: You haven't but I am just going to go around posting that on each thread.

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Aint't nobody have time for that.

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@eternal19: LOL Unchained Batman looked like Superman in a Batman costume.

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Came in to make sure someone had already made this joke. Carry on.

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Yeah I noticed this too. Much prefer Quitely, Swan, or Frank's Supermans - all of which have a far wider and more human range of emotions. Still, at least Lee's Supes looks cool in splash pages.

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Jim Lee don't joke around son!

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Cause bein' Superman ain't no joke.

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He looks more serios and cooler that way and not much of a boy scout. It makes me want to take him seriously

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Never really noticed it

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If i may piggyback onto your post, sir, may I ask why Superman's hair is always whiping around the top of his head like John Carenter's the Thing?

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I actually never noticed. Guess I'm going to look into that more.

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I love Lee's artwork. I disagree as to him not putting emotion into his work as his faces are still diverse enough to be distinguishable.

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I like Jim Lee's Superman enough but it's the proportions that get me. Sometimes Supes gets a case of massive thigh that throws me off. I see what you mean by the expressions though. Altough lately when has Superman really had a reason to smile in his books?

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The problem I have with Lee's Superman is that sometimes he has too much of a rough looking face and other times he looks way to young. Almost like a teenager.

The Jim Lee-based Kotobukiya Superman statue below is a great example of how rough Lee's Superman's face looks. The sculpt is very true to Lee's artwork.

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Why do Alex Ross' women look like men?

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His solar absorbtion gives him the cramps


I so want that!

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Cuz he's Bat...whoops wrong thread.

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I like jim lee

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Cuz he's not someone's grandpa, like ppl think he is

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WW is not giving the loving?