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@darkknightdetective: To be fair Superman is from farm country, that's where the mullet originated and the only places where its still acceptable.

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I don't care if the stupid Nap time explanation was cannon Doomsday KILLED superman. He didn't make him go night night he KILLED HIM DEAD.

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he has a pretty cool(or should i say cruel) backstory imo

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Doomsday is like your everyday villain, he's nothing special or out of the ordinary. He's that one mindless monstrous villain that some heroes have to come up against, that's it.

Because he killed Superman doesn't make the character anymore interesting, especially when he has no character depth in comparison to the likes of Lex Luthor.

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Cool? Nothing! This Monster kills my hero! I hate Doomsday for that!

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Never liked doomsday, always thought he was terrible.

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I think his appeal lies in that it's the essential roaring monster. Like we've seen Superman take on quite a lot of monsters with no names and appetites for destruction, Doomsday just made a bigger splash and came back for more. DC then kinda screwed it up by making him grow a brain, as shown above.

As for a movie, he could work very well if he is tweaked for it. Like a weapon Luthor has been developing or found to fight Superman that gets released near the end of the movie for another huge battle (instead of trying to make us think a man in an armored suit could take on Supes).

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@powerwoman: In the next panel he flattened Supergirl with one hit and the only reason she was doing so well in the first place is cause Cyborg Superman had gone a few rounds with Doomsday.