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Poll: What is your opinion about Smallville? (11 votes)

Smallville is the best thing ever created by mankind and I'm a huge fan! 9%
I like Smallville. 55%
Smalville is ok. 36%
Smallville is utter garbage! 0%

In my opinion Smallville is the best thing ever created by mankind. I wish Smallville never would've ended. I had so much fun watching Smallville. But that's just my opinion. What do you guys think about Smallville? Vote the opinion in the poll which best shows the way you feel about Smallville and leave comments below.

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Eh, it's not really true to most depictions of the mythos or the DC Universe and is VERY loose in the adaptation department, but, the first five or so seasons were entertaining and the performances given by Lex and Lionel were freakin' BOSS to the walls and really sold me on it.

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I liked smallville, it went into some strange areas at times (Lana the witch?), but on the whole was good. The major problem that I believe it suffered from was their refusal to transition Clark into Superman. We had Green Arrow, Aquaman, Flash/Impulse, Cyborg and Canary in their roles and burdening responsibility that Clark seemed to be too timid to embrace. Had the show made Clark "nerdier" earlier it might have avoided many of the recurring themes, like Clark feeling unworthy or having a "darkness", that caused the show to feel repetitive toward the end.

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I loved it, back in the day it was my favorite show...then Lex disappeared and it became pretty mediocre.