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Posting this on the Superman board for all (Not sure if there is a Goku board seeing as he's anime):

I saw this on You Tube and it just blew my mind, checked the forums to see if anyone posted this and couldn't find anything on it.

I do not know who the talented artist is behind this, or who did the voice-overs but this was MIND BLOWING...

Basically for ANYONE who wants to know what would happen if Son Goku actually went to blows with the Man of Steel...here it is in 3D...

If you have seen it feel free to comment on it, and if you've seen it on here or posted it on here, like I said I tried looking for it, didn't find it, and thought I should share it.

Please note this is NOT a battle post, so I don't want an argument over who would win, I just want comments and opinions on the CGI and the action sequence, whether you're impressed or not, or is this how you would imagine a fight between the Man of Steel and the legendary Super Saiyan would be...


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Pretty neat video. "Kaio-que?" ..that had me rolling.

I like how Goku wanted to just fight for fun (in character), but then had no regard for the buildings & kept the fight going at a seriousness that ended up costing the planet, lol.

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@blue_son: This is from the Superman vs Goku Death Battle by ScrewAttack. There's a good 20 minutes before this of the logic that they went through to come to the conclusion that Superman could win. Here's the entire video:

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Dadadadadada :-)

The CGI is bad, especially the movement of the cape.

I think that was too much.

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@blue_son: The voice actor for Goku was MaskoX from TeamFourStar, a group that makes a series called Dragon Ball Z Abridged. It's a parody series that makes shorter, redubbed videos of the original DBZ show whilst making parodies of the characters, the story and other funny references.

The voice actor for Superman is called Itsjustsomerandomguy. Yes that's his name. He's a voice coach who dabbles in making voice over videos of comic book action figures about their movies, their meaning in society, their social impact and culture. Whilst making fun of the flaws of their movies. He's a really good Youtuber who I'd recommend checking out. He does a good Superman impression in his videos hence why Death Battle picked him out.

And finally, the animator was Jordan Lange who's the regular Death Battle animator. He's made a similar animated fight of Link vs Cloud which you can check out here. It's better than this one IMO but I really liked the animation. It was the one area of the Death Battle video that was properly well done despite the delays in releasing the video. It slightly made up for the failed logic and arguments for the view that Superman would win in a fight to the death with Goku. And this is coming from someone who thinks Superman would win in said fight.