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I'm going to be picking up most of Trinity War, I think, but which book do you think I should start reading? Justice League or Superman?

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@thebourneposter: Justice League. Although I really like the Superman book and if you would like to start reading Superman you should start with issue 0,13 and the Annual but skip issues 1-12 because they are terrible. Action Comics and Superman Unchained are great too.

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@thebourneposter: Yeah start at issue 13 everything before thatwas really bad. Lazy art and lazy writing. And if you really love superman you should pick up superman unchained as well

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Action Comics 1-18 ( Wait until November to pick it up again)

Superman Unchained


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Justice League has just started a major storyline. I'd advise starting with Superman Unchained as only two issues of that series have come out for your Superman reading

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Superman is really bad.Scott Lobdell doesn't know what he is doing and it just sucks a lot.While Justice League ain't any better but so far Trinity War has been a little bit better than everything from Lobdell on Superman.

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