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Do you think superman(Clark Kent) is the best kryptonian like batman the best human?

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superman best wife:



wonder woman


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hell,sorry,I'm wrong,I think you are say superman love batman

superman isnt best kryptonian,a Krypton Hercules would be far stronger than him

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I don't know if batman Is the best human though he is super bad ass, also Hercules versus Superman I think it would be close but superman would win

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Superman is the best kryptonian so he should easily beat the Batman.

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@banestrokelobogrundybatarrow: Yes he is supposed to indeed be the best human. This is sort of the premise that DC has been trying to convey for a while now. Of course on occasion it does not seem that way because these are fictional characters and a writer can chose to change power levels as he sees fit but I would say it is mostly agreed upon that he is the pinnacle of human achievement.