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So this preview heavily features Lois and it looks like its gonna be her story for the most part and it piqued my curiosity, plus its hard to be disappointed with Dan Jurgens's art. I'm looking forward to this. What do you guys think?

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I like that it is a 'Lois Story', I always like when they take a break from the main characters thoughts and put us in the shoes of someone else close to said character. I'm curious to see what went down.

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I hope they don't kill her off.

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@darkman61288 said:

I hope they don't kill her off.

I highly doubt they would, she's a fundamental character to the whole Superman mythos. Not something I'd expect from an Annual at least, if it were to happen.

EDIT: Also, a Superman Annual without Rocafort on the art, it's almost not worth getting..