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We all know that Kryptonian have there power on earth for 2 reasons.

Eath gravety is far weaker then that of Krypton.

And ofc the enenery from the yellow sun.

But superman grow up on Earth so his body adept to earth gravity.

Kara/Zod grew up on krypton. So suide they not be far stronger then Superman?

Ofc i dont know how much a diffrense the yellow sun makes for superman as he was more enereny from that.

What do you guys think?


sorry my english is not that great

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They should be different. Zod, in particular, should be physically stronger and faster, Kal should be more powerful (superior senses, heat vision, frost breath, better flight, more agile). Kara should be weaker because she's smaller, but only slightly less strong than Supes and maybe faster than him.

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There are a lot of things that a body will adapt to after long exposure, but I think "adapting to gravity" is a bit of a stretch. Gravity is a force that affects objects, and Earth's gravity is going to affect Zod and Sueprgirl in the exact same manner its going to affect Superman while they're on earth.

Truthfully, the majority of Superman's (and other Kryptonians) power on Earth is derived from the yellow sun, not from the gravity (in fact, a lot of modern Superman incarnations have completely tossed out the gravity thing).

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Yeah in theory. Kal's muscles should have been weaker compared to Supergirl and Zod, thanks to the earths low gravity. Though, his solar absorbtion could be the factor, that help him retain and boost his strength

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No,superman is first generation,wait until he has great grandkids,then the powers will be weaker.

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Zod and Supergirl could be stronger if his solar absorption didn't also account for his physical strength as well along with the gravity. So if you think he should be more powerful that would also include strength to a degree. I'm guessing the strength increase from solar energy greatly outways that from gravity. Perhaps with no powers, Zod and Supergirl are stronger.

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This is my points

And in fact,in the pre-52,supergirl isnt less than superman in solar absorption,but DC changed it

however,zod or supergirl should be very close to superman