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I missed out on getting a free Superman special for free comic book day because the comic store I go to was sold out by the time I got there and DC haven't put the comic up on the app yet so I have some questions. 1. What was the issue like ? 2. Were there any other previews in the issue besides unchained ? . 3 . When will DC and Marvel put the free comic on the app ?

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@Squalleon is that really all there is ? I can't Bellevue I waited a full month for that. Haven't been the let down since the movie end of days. Waited till I was 17 to see that and it was balls

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Yeah, its just a reprint of that last son issue and a short interview

I would say its quite a ripoff if it wasnt free

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@Stormbox free or not it was a rip off I'm just a bit pissed at DC

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Yeah this was a much different showing than last year's offering.

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The Free Comic Book Day selection across the board was pretty lame this year. Last year I couldn't even get all of the issues I wanted there were so many. This year I was wandering around the table trying to figure out what I would even bother to get. I had no intention of even getting this Superman reprint, but gave in when I found nothing better. The only two I was even excited about were The Tick and Marvel Infitnity. And Marvel Infitnity was a major disappointment. Not even a proper preview, much less a prologue.