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Sorry if this question was asked, if so link me and lock the thread. So in the prequel that ship on earth apparently had Kara on it, crash landing, possibly keeping her in stasis. In the movie that ship was thousands of years old. Error? Or is she non existent and her appearance in the book is nothing more than a one time thing and she's now long dead.

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Well in the comic after the ship lands you can clearly see one person walking out of the ship. It was either Kara or Dev-Em and I believe it was Kara. That being said how did Kara lived that long? Unless she didn't make it far and her body froze.

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Thanks for the reply I was just confused after reading it and then seeing the movie.

yeah i re read it again, even if she did survive she was still there thousands of years lol. When clark finds those pods with the dead kryptonian in it i found it cool that one was open and empty, might have been karas

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In my opinion Kara will probably be in Paradise Island since the island is free of time and it would explain how she survived this long but yet they said the ship was down there for thousands of years.