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New 52 superman has more and more crazy feats,but other hero isnt has same level feats(except atomic captain)

I like superman is powerful,but did that could be make other fans more and more hate superman?

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Like thor fans,Hulk fans(most hate "bench earth five days",you know why)etc

So,what's you think superman fans?

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I think I understand what you're trying to say. Anyway, yeah, people hate on Superman because he's supposedly overpowered but will then go on to tell you how Flash and MM are more powerful, but that's okay somehow. Otherwise it's because he's considered to be quite generic. He has your typical bright colors, cape, stands for truth and Justice, saves good citizens of earth, rescues kitty cats.

Either way Superman has a lot of weight on his shoulders and I still consider him the greatest hero.

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@colanicole: absolutely agree. Also he may seem pretty standard, but only because he was the actual first superhero. The one thing I don't understand is: if people don't like him because they think he is too powerful, why don't they just read something else?

Like, i don't go around complaining about dr.Who. I don't like the show, so that's it. I'm sure so many people like it because it has some good points.

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Still not sure about “crazy feats”. Year, his feats are impressive, but after comparing them to Supes’ Pre-New-52 feats, they really not so much different (except bench-pressing Earth’ weight for 5 days, but this feat didn’t got confirmation in the next issues). Looks to me that Supes simply more often than in Pre-New-52 goes into situations where he forced to go all out. That gives impression of “crazy feats”.

Frankly, I respect opinions of fans of other characters and I don’t care in slightest about opinions of haters. Don’t like the character – then don’t read about him and let others enjoy reading.

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@colanicole: Thanks

I agree this points,but I'm check some other forum,some people said same thing again and again,sometime I really think dc should be give other hero some crazy feats,keep powerhouse balanced or something..New 52 only superman has crazy feats..for now,this why FLASH or MM fans hate it

as for hulk or thor fans..this is anthor question

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@sanohibiki:You are right,DC need really think about it,one writer said superman can lift earth five days,one writer try let us belive lift a carrier is a "hard" feat...

@matteopg: I think other dc fans hate superman is because superman too compelling, and his glory completely overshadowed other heroes,he faster than flash,he more skills than ww,he stronger than other being together.......

then the question it's:if superman soooooooo powerful why he need help.....why need JLA,why need flash,why need GL...if superman can take anything,stronger than anything,more powerful than anyone,DC just need has only one hero,yes,superman.......

This my point

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Maybe, but I like crazy feats. I might be 21 but Im new to comics so I like almost everything I read. Even Scott Lobdel (well maybe Teen Titans, dropped it cus I was so bored by it).

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@powerwoman: I get it. I actually don't see it that way, I think that the team is based also on the character's personalities, together with their powersets and resources. Otherwise, by that reasoning, the avengers could be composed only by Thor and Iron Man.

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@matteopg: Yes...but thor not fastest,not strongest,not smartest,not most better skills....

New 52 superman stronger than other being put together(easily bench earth weight even not his limit);

New 52 superman more faster than flash(who 100x times faster than light);

New 52 superman is more smarter than batman(5 minutes Society of Medicine)

and more....................................................................

When a charater everything is above other people put together,why he need help.....Serious,if there has some enemy even superman cant beat him,What do other people do?

So,yeah..New 52 superman back silver age...himself was a god,other people......like a worm for him

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Well, actually you have a couple of things wrong, sorry to correct you. He is more powerful than them, but he is not faster than Flash and he is not smarter than Batman. Both of these things are made more and more clear. Also, Cyborg does things nobody in the league can do, so does Hal. Of course there is some redundancy, but, as I said, you have to consider that the group dinamic arises not only from powers but also from personality.

Also, in another thread you just stated that new 52 superman is weak and needs to get stronger. So you are either no informed and just trollin, or arguing for the sake of arguing. Or maybe I'm just misunderstanding, could you maybe explain what your actual position is?

This is what you said in the other thread:

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New 52 superman is more powerful than Pre-52 superman

But for me,he isnt too powerful,Special I'm a Silver age superman/god fans,I know all of PC superman feats,so,through comparison New 52 superman is very "weak"

He need more and more powerful,bench earth five days?FTL?come on!who sneeze out solar system,who pull a dozen of planets without exertion,who too fast almost break infinity itself....so yes,New 52 superman is weak"

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I couldn't care less about a characters feats

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@matteopg: I'm a silver age superman fans....so,for me,new 52 superman is weak

but even he was weak,he still tooooo powerful for other being,that why i think if superman so powerful why he need help,and crazy feats would be make some other guys hate him(hulk fans,you know..)

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@powerwoman: oh, ok, I see. Sorry, I read my post again and it may have sounded accusatory, while it really wasn't meant to be.

Well, agree to disagree on this, then :)

See you around.

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