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Before anyone goes into rage mode, please note the thread title is a quote by Geoff Johns that I want to discuss.

This is pretty old but I only just came across this, when watching the Celebrity opinions on the injustice battles. At around the 7:36 mark, Geoff Johns says that quote "It's year of the Superman, but it's the lifetime of the Batman" , while picking Batman as his victor. Year of the Superman is obviously referring to his 75th anniversary year


This is probably old news, but I've just seen it and I was a little bit shocked to be honest.

1. I actually thought it was quite disrespectful to Superman, even though the guy isn't even real haha! I'm a huge Batman fan and don't really care for Supes that much, but still for the Chief Creative Officer of DC to say that, during the 75th year celebration of Superman no less, I was like woaah!! I mean come on, no matter what I or anyone thinks, Superman is the original superhero and why we have others today.

2. The fact Geoff Johns said it surprised me also. I, as do many other Batfans I'm sure, get the feeling he doesn't care for Bats that much and endlessly tries to make him the butt of his jokes. I guess he can't get away from the fact that Batman is their top dog right now though and so was just pandering to Bat's enormous fan base in this instance, well that's what I think he was doing with this comment.

So what do you guys think about this comment? Do you think it was a bit disrespectful to Superman or not, and are you as surprised as I am that Geoff Johns would be the one to say it?

And also, would be interesting to see if anyone agrees with his statement or disagrees and why?

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I think 2 is probably right, Batman is the most popular right now, so he was just sticking to the status quo. It would be especially odd for him to feel that way given he's written some good Superman stories (like the modern (pre52) re-telling of Brainiac).

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It was obviously set up for him to say that because it you notice in each interveiw there is someone say "superman wins" and the other person saying "batman wins" just to keep the argument balanced, and i think Johns just said that as a meaningless argument.

but i could be wrong

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I just want to say Johns writes an awful Batman.

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It was a bit disrespectful imo,especially with it being superman's 75th. I didn't like that, obviously its because of batman's current popularity and all but still, i think he was just trying to appeal to the batfans( in all honestly though i don't believe Johns thinks batman stands a chance against superman)

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@ultimatesmfan: You say that like batmans only popular for the moment. They're both iconic and will stay at the top for as far as I can see.

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I prefer to see it as although it is superman's anniversary it is during this lifetime that batman is more popular.

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i'm tired of batman. we need more superman.

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I just want to say Johns writes an awful Batman.

This is true. Batman Earth One is proof of that XD lol

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Almost every comic book fan is aware of Mr. Johns opinion on the Batman. He doesn't like him, and nothing is more evident, than in the way he writes him. He's just trying to put on a charade, so he can have he's cake and eat it too. He get to write Batman in anyway he wants, and the fans can't prosecute him, because of how he save face all the time. Geoff Johns is a super villain in his own right. He should not have so much pull in DC's comics. So, number 2, I guess.

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Depends what he really mean while saying that.

If it was just his opinion – “Batman can defeat Superman”, well, that’s just his personal opinion. Nothing wrong with saying that.

On the other hand… Many viewers here say that Johns don’t really like Batman, so it seems like he was simply promoting DC main cash cow. And so - if it was said just to appease Batman’s fanboys, then yes, it looks pretty disrespectful to me.

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@jayc1324: Obviously they will, but the past 5 years of being really popular due to the boost from the dark knight hardly qualifies as a lifetime, unless Scott Snyder has a nice long run.

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@ultimatesmfan: Batman's extreme popularly long predates the Nolan movies. I think the Burton's series was when he raised above most of the other heroes. Having said that, I do understand what you are trying to say.

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Shows how much they all know because it's Lois Lane's 75th anniversary this year and DC has done nothing at all to celebrate that and personally that enrages me. Lois deserves some damn respect if you ask me. She's the one whose had to put up with all these bloody shenanigans over the years.

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@batpala: Good Point! It's Lois's 75th too and there's hardly any love for her who is arguably the most interesting woman in comics imo. Come on DC, damn!!

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@ultimatesmfan: Don't forget the comics have shoved her to the sidlines in favor of Wonder Woman as Superman's girlfriend. The fact that they're actually getting their own book makes me want to bang my head into the wall.

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@batpala: To be fair, Snyder is doing some great things with Lois in Unchained and will be doing more stuff with her in the future. Though I agree, Lois deserves a lot more respect on her 75th anniversary than she gets.

On topic, what does this surprise people? Johns is a charlatan who tries to make it seem like he's fine with Batman but his writing shows his utter disrespect for the character. And for a guy who's written Superman really well, it is disrespectful for him to cast off Superman as if he has no chance against Batman when really it's the other way around.

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Geoff Two-Face Johns strikes again.

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Why the hell was Stan Lee their? I know he had a big impact on comics, but his is DC

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I'm sure someone probably made him say that or he was just trolling the fans, because he clearly doesn't believe that.