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#51 Posted by SanoHibiki (2097 posts) - - Show Bio

I will not go into this whole “kryptonian male vs. kryptonian female” war. Have a serious doubt that a slim and shorter kryptonian would have the same strength as Superman under yellow sun.

Let’s think a little about kryptonian physiology. Sometimes were written that Supes have some unique organs that don’t have analogs in human organism and that these organs absorbed sunlight (i.e. source of powers). In other comic (and even TV and movies, example, Smallville and Superman 4) his tissue, blood, hair that were separated from Supes’s main body still remained kryptonian “toughness”. So I assume that every cell of kryptonian organism independently absorbs sunlight. Kryptonians is one race, so ratio of sunlight absorbtion is one for all kryptonians.

Then slim and shorter kryptonian would be weaker that Superman simply because his body mass (read cell count) would be less – less muscle, weaker bones and etc. Clark simply can utilise bigger level of sunbased powers.

Yellow sun simply gives Supes optimal conditions for staying in form, plus don’t forget all these fights with supervillains. How many hours in week they take? Think it is an good alternative to work out.

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Saying Superman's feats apply to other Kryptonians is like saying Batman's feats apply to other humans.

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Superman's physique is the result of being a farmboy.

Superman's "strength" is the result yellow sun and/or Earth's lower gravity

Is also probable that, like we will invent in a few decades, Kryptonians invented some sort of genetic mutation that allows them to not be overweight and thus, even though no kryptonian really works out they never go over a given weight just due to their genetics... and that would certainly impact Clark