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Current Hyperion is far stronger than Current Superman. That's a blury fact. But fact nonetheless. If they fought, Supes will be beaten to the pulp. Well, it doesn't really matter. Superman is still more interesting and a ripoff will always be a ripoff.

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Hyperion didn't have to push with the same strength the Universes were pushing. The force exerted by Hyperion didn't have to be equal/opposite level of force - he would just have to be durable enough that the Earths breaks before his hand does.

To better illustrate my point, imagine you're in Hyperion's position.

You have your hands streched horizontally.

In each hand, you're holding in your palm a baloon [the two Earths]

Now, imagine say, a truck [the two Universes], slowly pushing against the direction of your baloon.

You're holding them apart until the pressure is too great for the baloons, but that doesn't mean you're as strong as the truck. You're just strong enough for your elbows not to turn backwards, because you're more durable than the balloons, until they eventually break [the Earths didn't pop like the balloons, obviously, but you get the analogy].

It doesn't mean you're actually strong enough to stop the trucks [the two Universes] themselves from advancing.

Know what I'm saying? Hyperion didn't display the strength to hold two Universes back. He displayed the strength to hold two Earths, until the pressure was too much for the Earths and they broke.

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@sog7dc: That mean,this feats more like durability feats

here,why worlds break another explanation

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I'd also say this, Supes bench pressed the weight of the Earth for days. New Hyperion held two universes apart for a period of time in which both universes had multiple planets earth size and beyond gravitating toward each other. I'm no mathematician by a long shot, but I'd say that feat alone speaks for itself, sorry Supes, I think that took more strength than bench pressing the weight of the Earth. Then he survives the explosion of two universes. New Hyperion is impressive

Realistically (speaking from a comic book angle of course) Hyperion never applied force to two different universes when he kept the earths from hitting each other; his feat alone was directly related to the two planets only. Through comic-book physics, the universes were wrapped around those respective Earths, being pulled along like your finger pressing on plastic wrap.

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@thanosismad: Basically correct,I'm just waiting hickman explanation why hyperion surviving it,Obviously, this must be a reason,but if final writer explained that this is due to his extreme durability,i'm would be no any doubt

just for now,i cant got it,because even odin or other skyfather cant surviving,i dont know hickman is try tell us hyperion>skyfather or cosmic being,but my first impression is that what we are missing a key factor for why hyperion surviving

the another how can hyperion held apart of worlds,the hickman says will be explained in the nexts,he isnt explanation why hyperion not touch them,And he admits it will explain in the future, which gave me for now, a premature conclusion is unwise,we needs waiting,hickman would be explained why hyperion held them and why hyperion surviving

the writer isnt Interested hyperion how powerful

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@lvenger said:

I agree. Both Hyperion's incursion feat and Superman's benching the planet for 5 days aren't accurate representations of what they can do.

Honestly, after Lobdell taking over, i am not so sure about the later. The second mention of Superman being able to kick moon out of his own orbit, and repeated mention of Superman being the most powerful character on earth, again and again by the writer all sort of feats, Superman being able to lift Earth.

Its a high end feat but under Lobdell i find that feat surprisingly acceptable now, which i did not before.

You mean New 52 Superman? Not Pre Flashpoint Superman? In any case my knowledge on the High Evolutionary is sorely lacking. I only know him from his first appearances in early issues of The Mighty Thor and he didn't seem all that tough. But I guess he must have been amped later on.

New 52, although i dont see them as significantly different, current Superman at least seems physically stronger and faster in travel than the old counterpart.

High Evolutionary, has progressively only grown more and more powerful, after all that was the whole point of him trying to evolve. After Thor, he had an appearence in Hulk, where an enraged Hulk needed almost an entire issue just to break apart his armor, when seeing his mistake HE effectively asked Hulk to put an end to him and refused to even fight back.

There is actually an odd instance where High Evolutionary has gone up against Galactus and lost though.

Now he has completely control of his body, even in the said issue he heals his arm instantly, and a lot of varied powers (he used neither against Hyperion though, sadly).

Oh and since you havent read the issue here is the Hyperion vs High Evolutionary fight if you are interested.

The Iron Man that got stomped was just an empty robot if I remember correctly. Tony is out in space with the Guardians of the Galaxy I think. Why Marvel are making Iron Man a cosmic hero I have no idea. Anyway sounds like you read the issue so I'll take your word for it there. But if you remember The Amazing Spider-Man #694 - Alpha, Part 3: Final Grade Terminus took on the Avengers there and Alpha managed to basically solo him. Granted he did draw power from the expanding universe itself and was getting more powerful by the day but he didn't have all that many feats or experience. And he made Terminus look like a wimp. So he doesn't have all too many consistent showings.

While Iron Man himself isnt inside the suit, its still his most recent suit, or well second most recent than Godkiller, that was given to the Avengers , so it should be much different from Iron Man himself fighting.

I dont take his defeat against Alpha as a bad sign, given how powerful Alpha was meant to be, specially given Alpha's next story arc, where he only got back 10% of his power, and still seem to have pretty much every power in the book, at pretty high level. A small discharge of his power changed a human to a monster that nearly took out and entire city.

That being said, this Termius was one repaired and possibly upgraded by High Evolutionary, who pretty much excels on that department, but i am not drawing Hyperion being more powerful than Thor based on him being Terminus solely, but how the issue has Thor and Avengers fair against Terminus and how Hyperion faires against him.

Since you havent read the issue yet, here are the scans, do let me know if you find i am missing something


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A friend nerdier than I am stated that Superman is the most overhyped character in terms of power, more so than even Galactus. That says a lot.

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If we were to compare their highest end feats, Marvel NOW Hyperion probably takes the cake. Otherwise, I think New 52 Superman has a better diversity with his powers and a more consistent power base. Hyperion is a bit behind in that book I think.

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Aren't ALL of hyperions strength feats unquantifiable?

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Wait, stronger than SA Supes too? Really?

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@sog7dc: No

Hyperion isnt push two universe,he push two planets and fail,also he not withstand two big bang,but survive universe destroyed,scan isnt show hyperion tank any explosion or any explosion was happen,but fanboys deliberately hype

Same points like odin fanboys trying hype odin destroy galaxy which never happen

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the writer isnt Interested hyperion how powerful

Lol - i love the way how Hickman just openly mocks all the "OMG can you explainz how comic book power happens in comic book and who is most powerfullest when Earth can move universes!!!??" questions.

Hickman is basically writing Superman in the MU with Hyperion so i imagine they would be shown as pretty much dead even if the two ever met up in some crossover or whatever.