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Just watched the Superman: The Animated Series episode titled "Unity". The whole alien spore/hivemind thing taking over Smallville reminded me of a couple of Byrne era stories, specifically the Manhunters in Adventures of Superman 88 and Action 596 (part of the Millennium series) and issue titled the Union in Adventures of Superman Annual #1, though the latter definitely seems the most similar. Anyway, I went back and reread AoS Annual #1, and talk about a pretty dark issue! I do not remember that one, course its been many years since I read it. Without spiling too much, Hfuhruhurr is the villian and essentially wipes out an entire town, essentially leaving Supes helpless. The STAS episode is much more upbeat and throws in Kara for good measure.

Anyone know of any similar Supes stories? Apparently the villian Hfuhruhurr appears during the Exile storyline, but I can't seem to find that issue in my collection. I guess I am off to my LCS!

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I remember that gory episode...I can still picture those tentacles...urgh.