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You wake up tomorrow morning feeling a little different. You grab your door handle and crush it, your eyes get hot, and a hole is burned through your door. You step through the hole, travel at superspeed into your kitchen, and suddenly realize you have HIS powers. Forget the reason why, forget about asking how it happened. If YOU were granted the powers of Superman (any age or arc you prefer) what would you do?

I'd definitely go flying around the world, punch some mountains, fly (swim?) to the bottom of the ocean, walk around the Titannic, save some people, and figure out what I'd wear. I wouldn't fly to space right at first, I have a fear of the void.

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Well, I'd be going outside during the day a lot more.

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Kill all men

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I guess, if it's around the time of Comic-con, I would fly through the crowds, grab all the merchandise I want (I guess I'll be good and pay for some, only a couple). Fly outside the showroom for a screening, x-ray to see the trailers and previews and fly off into the sunset.

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I would have fifty billon broken Xbox 360 controllers because everytime I press a button it shatters :P

@lensnart said:

@powerwoman said:

Kill all men

I smell feminazi


*Gets Popcorn*

*Hides in Flame Proof Room*

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Travel the universe.

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I'd fly to all the drug cartel places in South America, steal all their cash, take enough to pay my tuition and take care of my family. Give the rest to poor families. Take every weapon on the planet and throw them into a sun somewhere in the andromeda galaxy, hunt down every rapist or human trafficker or pedophile, throw them in a sun, ask God for forgiveness, then chill out and silently protect the world for the ret of my life

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To be honest i would use his power to do my best to eradicate the scum of this world, corrupt governments, politicians, the monetary system, those who sit at the top while the rest suffer...... damn that may take too long or may be next to impossible, maybe i would just cause a huge catastrophe where only those who are willing to work together as a species would survive and those who depend on they're wealth would perish. at the end i would surrender myself to the survivors and let them be judge and jury.

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i would save people and get a job , while trying to live a normal life.

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@powerwoman: How do you not get warned by the admins every time you post ?

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Great answers guys, I didn't think about saving the world/ending corruption. I'd have to experiment for the longest time to find the true extent of my new-found abilities.

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I would enjoy everyday to test my own limits. I would take a bath in the melting lava of a volcano. I would sleep in a different town and different country everynight. I would keep my superhearing active to help those who need it. I would visit the whole solar system just for fun. I would go back in time flying around the world to be spectator of main events of History of mankind. I would use my superspeed intelect to read all the books in the world and become GOOGLESUPES. The possibilities are infinite...

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I'd be off to Africa and remove Mugabee and all the other tyrrants who cause misery and poverty in that continent!

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Firstly, I would knock down trees because I can. Then, I would see how long it takes for me to run around the world. Then, I would get greedy and power hungry, and cheat my way through the UFC, or maybe the Olympics. Then, blow stuff up to get military attention, and be gone before they even get there. Probably write comic books about myself. Pull a Cell and announce the DeeRock Games to the rest of the world, and threaten to blow it up if nobody can beat me, and whenever nobody can I say "Nah. I was just messin' with ya. Nobody dies today." Since in the real world, aliens don't invade and there aren't super villains running around, that's really my only way to be productive.

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Id first show off at school (not my full powers of course), then id become a superhero in New York even though I live in Cali.

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I am not sure, but it might be using my super hearing, flight and speed to find out where Comic Vine has it's offices and then go float around outside the windows to shock Tony :)

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Prevent global warming.

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Well first bacon sand witch cooked with heat vision then travel the world.

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I keep my activities very low key; Travel a lot around the world and in space to explore, build things for myself and benefit mankind, do some crime fighting here and there, and be a jerk to the bullies that pick on the weak.

@powerwoman said:

Kill all men

Ohhhhhh, I'm sooooo in to you right now lol.

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sleep with 500.000 womans in nanosecond

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The hardest part about having power like that, would be knowing that you could take over the world at any moment. Just fly to D.C., land super hard, start punching buildings, and throwing cars. What could anyone do to stop you?

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Lets be honest

We'de all just turn into show offs :P

Ohh your coffees cold

*Heat visions Coffee*


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anything i want

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Travel the universe.

I'd be off this planet faster than you can blink

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Probably fly myself into a desert/mountain until I could control my powers.

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I will eradicate bullying at my school and speedblitz the pentagon.

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Kneel before DRGNX!

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Shave with Heat Vision lol.

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Fight evil.

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@sog7dc said:

I'd fly to all the drug cartel places in South America, steal all their cash, take enough to pay my tuition and take care of my family. Give the rest to poor families. Take every weapon on the planet and throw them into a sun somewhere in the andromeda galaxy, hunt down every rapist or human trafficker or pedophile, throw them in a sun, ask God for forgiveness, then chill out and silently protect the world for the ret of my life

Dude.... You read For Tomorrow, People would just beat each other with rocks.

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I woudl try to search up some costume deisgners and try to get them to make me a costume(of course I wont show them my face while I'm asking for it but I'll show my powers).

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I know he doesn't do it because he doesn't want to take humanities freedom or to massively change its progression, but if I had his powers I make a lot of changes in society. Make it more marxist, though I'd be open to suggestions from humans on how to shape it, so long as I agreed with the beneficial points.

I'd redistribute wealth evenly across all nations, implications be damned I'd make it work, I'd have help from earths greatest minds, to help develop a system that works.

I know it sounds intolerant but I'd remove major organised religion, its caused more problems than its solved. Wars, discrimination and manipulation over the years. I'd head out and put a stop to wars on the planet, make leaders reach a compromise or duke it out themselves.

After that I'd just work on developing 3rd world countries, preventing nnatural disasters or at least reduce damage and help with recovery.

Ultimate dream job.

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the whole world will be mind muahahahahahahaahah

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I'd honestly be a complete d!ck for a couple weeks. Join a few sports teams like boxing, baseball, and either football or wrestling and obviously cheat my way through them to pay my way through college. Probably showoff at school too and pick up a few numbers. I'd eventually think about doing some good with my powers and decide to do so in order to save innocent people.

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@dorukesin: Really! Just Really! I'm starting to see power womans point!

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Conquer the Earth.

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@spm1m: yes!!! That is exactly what I would want to do

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@xxedward_kenwayxx: seems like the best thing to do seeing how sick and twisted the world we live in is

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Doing nice things...for me and for everyone... However I will demand a stupidly high quantity of money in my job.

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What i think: Be just like superman :)

What I know: Be just like Kira from Death Note! Also maybe overthrow the U.S.A. government no more wars for you Obama.

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Imagine getting angry at someone, knowing you could practically vaporize them with a punch.

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Hmm… Finally clear the mess in my garage, learn ten or more languages, crush bunch of pencils in diamonds and travel around the world.

Then probably I would turn the life of several people into living hell and build lead-lined, hermetic fallout shelter (in “Blast from past” style) for my relatives. Not going to go public, in our time appearance of Supes-level powered being can’t bring anything good.

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Yeah I'd wreck shop on everything and then make everyone swear complete loyalty to me.