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last game came out in 2006 and havent seen him in anyhting aside from the fighting games. Just curious why is it such a long wait for a new game. I mean id settle for a half ass game like superman returns. I know movie based games are the worst but the well is dry right now.

i was hoping with the Man of steel movie, they would tie in a game. I know factor 5 had game in the works but they shutdown their studio.

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@andersonsilvaissuperman: well making a Superman game would take a long time and be very expensive. It's difficult but not impossible. You never know, it was revealed recently that Rocksteady showed their new game to the press, so there's a chance it is a new Superman game. Nobody wants a half assed game either, you'd regret it instantly

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I would be reserved about releasing a Superman game...because Superman games have a pis*-poor track record

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In this case I’m not going to agree with you.

There already was a plenty of half-assed Superman’s games (and sometimes I think than it would have been better if they don’t existed at all).

So (to games developers), give me a high-quality Superman’s game with interesting plot and I will give you my money – or don’t make any Supes’ games at all.

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Be careful what you wish for.

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i look at it this way, better to have something than nothing at all. Something to hold you over is all im asking for. almsot 8 years without a game is crazy, but we have like 4 batman games in 3 years

when you look at SUPES RETURNS yeah its half ass but they made it playable and got somethings right.

If they updated superman returns with more side missions id buy it. I obviously would prefer a great game, but its not happpening anytime soon. So Id settle for something new atleast

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If supes got a decent game well then I'd actually have to buy a console

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@andersonsilvaissuperman: I know it sucks Batman keeps getting the spotlight in everything but I think someone at WBIE is working on a superman game, and I hope when Rocksteady announces their new game they surprise everyone and announce a solo free roam Superman game