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There where so many fans after MOS that where bothered that there weren't enough references to the DC universe and people online who actually said i cant buy MOS Being in the DCCU unless they give us another character. Now people are losing there crap over this. Also there is a new rumor that the Intergang will appear in this film. Lex Luthor will most likely be the villain i love Lex but this is for the better because GA audience would have been pissed it was Lex in another Superman film all over again. Also it's been confirmed Batman and Superman will team up meaning Superman and Batman will have a scuffle but end up teaming up to stop a villain. So are we pissed off that one fight will happen with them lol.

Also guys the Intergang thing is a rumor but Batman and Superman TEAMING UP is confirmed it never said they will KILL EACH OTHER!!! If Thor and Iron Man fought which is borderline insane to me i don't see the freaking problem. Superman has to be defeated especally if Tel Toros Dark Universe happens cause half of DCs Supernatural characters can eliminate Superman this is coming from a Superman fan of 35 years. One element they will take from DKR is Superman and Batman's scuffle thats kinda it. Also guys we have no information on the plot Goyer has said MOS will be a big part of this sequel.

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Also i think that quote from the DKR Zack will not make Batman say that i think Lex Luthor will be saying this for sure IMO.

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you should just paste all this info in the other thread you made i think. Keeps it all neat and tidy with your updates since they are all about the same thing really, easier to keep track off.

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Another thread!

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LOL sorry

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@drudox19: 4 threads on the same subject is pushing it dude, might want to condense before a mod jumps on you

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