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I was just trying to think at what age I discovered Superman. I think I was 6 or 7. You guys?

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Honestly I couldn't say... I literally was too young to remember, as in 3 years old I'd guess as the youngest since there's photos of me at that age pretending to be Superman.

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Very very young. I've probably watch superman 2 a thousand times

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Still remember – 1995, winter, Saturday, around nine and half in the morning. I saw Superman: The Movie for the first time. It made quite an impression on me.

I was 6 years old.

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I think at the age of 4 when my brother bought the death and return of superman for sega genesis

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Saw the movie with my brother when we was around 5. We believed a man could fly

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I was 7 when Superman The animated series started airing on tv where i live, before that only Batman Tas used to air and coupled with the 90's Batman movies coming out every two years and Action figures,i was a Batman lover but the first time i saw the promo for Superman tas and saw that red yellow and blue suit...I was enchanted. After watching a couple of eps. i was sooo into Superman, my dad dug up this VHS tape of Superman the movie that i didn't even know we had and you can guess what happened after that. It was just a plus that a few years after that Smallville started. Nothing's come between Supes and me ever since.

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Superman has always been a part of my life.

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@bruxae said:

Superman has always been a part of my life.

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Like 3 years old.

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I had a copy of Superman IV: The Quest for Peace on VHS when I was a little kid so I've known about him since I was about four.

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Like 3 or 4 years old

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Around 6 or 7 as well, thanks to Superman: the Movie, of course.

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How cool ! He really is an icon ingrained in our lives. Keep the stories coming.

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I can't even remember... probably around 3

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Too young to remember. I have old polaroids of me in a Superman shirt.

Ahh youth.

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As long as I can remember.

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2 or 3. I had the Superman peejays with the cape.

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Young, I can't even pin-point my age but it was before pre-school.

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Can't be sure. Mom always loved Supes (well, Reeve really.)

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Very, very, very young.

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Depends. I always knew superman, since I was little. Still, I actually started reading his stuff consistently (and making up with like 30 years of back issues) 7 years ago. So I'd say I was like 19.

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Really small

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holloween at eight years old when my mouthy cousin got beat up by a chubby older kid dressed in skin tight blue clothes and a red cape with a s on his chest. i laughed so hard i asked my dad what is he dressed as and he just looked on and said superman my son, greatest hero ever.

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I think I was 5, and it was some old cartoon where superman could only jump far and be really strong, no flying

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@tyreid: cool story but kind of disturbing you laughed at your cousin's beating. :/

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I discovered Superman when I was 8 years old but I am introduced to Batman first by my grandmother, she bought me a tall Batman toy when i was 4 or 5 years old and then 5 inches Batman action figure as a Kinder graduation gift( I didn't even know that Batman have a best friend name Superman, all I know is Robin.lol) but anyway when I found out about Supes, I already know in my mind and in my heart that he is the Best of all the Superhero, I didn't even know before that he is an Alien. But now that I'm familiar with their History/Story, Superman is my Top favorite DC Superhero followed by Batman(#2) & GL(#3).

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that is a personal question that i do not have to answer

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I honestly couldn't even begin to figure that out

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Very young maybe around 4? But I didn't become a fan until I started watching the animated series, JL, JLU all those!

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So early in my life that I can't even remember.

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Ive known Superman since I was in elementary school but I started to like him and become a fan of the character when I was 19.

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age 15. watching smallville

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