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does he see everything slow mo or can he change from normal to slow mo?

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He can control his super senses. That was a big plot point in MoS. But, I suppose the world looks differently when you can focus and see the individual atoms that make up things.

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He can speed up his perception or slow it down!

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Given the fact that Superman is massively FTL and hence has massively FTL reactions, the world would be moving extremely slow to him.

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All of the above,so yeah he can speed up or slow down his perceptions at any given time,but he can also see down to everything's atomic structure.

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Can the flash do that? I always wondered if superspeed would be a terrible curse, seeing life in slow motion. I know he always jokes like "you guys are so slow".

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@dayvid3: yeah he sees in slow mo when he speeds up,that's how he doesn't hit anything,and don't forget he talks way faster when he is sped up also.

Course I would rather see like superman,because he can do all that plus he has super senses that can see and hear everywhere,see through stuff,and see the very atoms around us

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@stephens2177: Oh Yeah agreed, I'm just wondering if speedsters in general can slow down too, otherwise that would be a horrible existence

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@dayvid3: well of course they can,that's how they have conversations and relationships with non speedsters.its just a speed up,speed down thing.

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@stephens2177: I would hope so. I just thought I remembered several instances where it was intimated that that wasn't the case, that they just lived that way. Meh maybe I'm remembering wrong

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Slow probably