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Poll: Favorite Superman Unchained 2 Variant Cover? (22 votes)

1930s 41%
Golden age 5%
Silver age 0%
Bronze age 5%
Modern age 14%
Superman reborn 5%
Superman vs parasite 27%
New 52 superman 5%

For some reason dc didnt make much of a fuss over the variants for this week's superman unchained issue even though there's plenty of awesome covers here just like last time

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Superman vs. Parasite for me.

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Wow those are some nice covers,sad to not see them any earlier.

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I voted !930's but golden age and modern age are great as well!!!

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Superman vs. Parasite. One of my favorite villains + An awesome artist like Albuquerque = Win for me.

I get the feeling I'm gonna love all the villain covers, the Lex Luthor one by Bermejo was great as well and my favorite of the previous batch.

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F that new 52 cover. It should burn in hell

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1930s for me

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The one with the Robot Dinosaur that breathes fire.

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Oh wow, Wonder Woman has normal sized breasts in that last one.

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The modern age one just edged out as my favourite Unchained 2 cover. The Golden Age cover would be my second favourite though as Gary Frank kills it on drawing Superman face off with an escaped lion not to mention the awesome colours.

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Superman vs Parasite easily

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F that new 52 cover. It should burn in hell