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...When Superman pushes that giant island into space in Superman Returns and Kryptonite starts popping out of the bottom how come It didn't weaken him? I mean it did weaken him in that he fell to earth and later died in hospital (apparently), but he had strength enough to keep going with what must have been several million tons.... In the previous scenes he was beaten up by Lex Luthor when exposed to Kryptonite (before Lex stabbed him with a shard of kryptonite)....I'm confused.com.

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its not giant island,its a kryptonite continent and because of his durability

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Because it was the biggest plot induced stupidity in any Superhero film of the last 15 years. Makes zero sense how Clark was able to lift an entire island of kryptonite.

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Giant plotholes, my friend.

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Because when they started shooting, Bryan Singer realized that Superman only does one interesting thing in the entire movie (the plane scene) So he and the screenwriter rushed something out that is impressive, but utterly stupid.

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right, er, thanks for explaining that - I think!

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I would just add it's not the entire thing is made out of kryptonite - but there is lots of kryptonite in it. BUT yeah - this is probably the biggest amount of PIS in a CBM for a LONG time.... It's one of the reasons the film isn't viewed overly favourably within the franchise.