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He can hit hard enough to make your face look like an elephants gaping vagina.

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Picked up a New 52 issue of Superman this month where he smashes Orion and Orion says "never been hit so hard in my immortal life". I'd say that must be pretty hard!!

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Really hard

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infinite tons

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Hard enough to take out Eternity or TLT with a right hook.

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infinite tons

he can copy flash's IMP

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@nerx: lol,i know what your mean

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New 52 version can hit so hard that it shakes an entire planet

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Unfortunately, H'El took the planet shaking punch and yawn. I'm not sure but I hope he gets a backstory or something.

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Good video explaining what would happen if Superman punched you,


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We'll assume that he travels at 99% the speed of light, as anything with matter cannot surpass the speed of light.

let's say he punched you at this velocity...

He can carry 200 quintillion pounds with a single arm and punch dementions apart.

So if his fist weighs 300g,

-he would generate 190 quadrillion joules of force, about as much as 45 megatons of tnt

-he would burn 45 trillion calories

-it would generate 80 trillion kelvin of heat, 5 million times hotter than the core of our sun,

-he'd punch you in 54 nanoseconds,so you would literally not see it coming

-his punch would create nuclear fusion and become a particle beam, melting you at the atomic level, turning you into quark-gluon plasma.

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I've always figured he could easily vaporize a human being with one punch.

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Pretty much an infinite mss strike he punched through the boundaries of space and time, split moons, destroyed planets, if he can sneese away a universe he can definetely punch one, also:

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@whowatchesthewatchmen: you are talking about sa superman, and he sneezed a solar system, and he was hit by mr mxy's sneeze magic or whatever, normal humans infected with this could sneeze cars away, normal humans, imagine superman with this enhanced sneezing,

Anyway measuring sa supes power is redundant anyway, he has much higher ones.

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Don’t worry, one punch from Supes is more than enough for you.

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It increases every time Lobdell writes.

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Superman can punch harder than anyone else ever has, ever could, ever can or ever will.