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Superman in recent years has become a total bleeding heart and a real wimp. Abandoning America because Iran threw a temper tantrum, give me a break! What's Superman afraid of? That they'll launch a nuke? Superman could easily fly it into the sun. The idea that states like Iran and North Korea could exist with the Justice League around is stretching credulity. The only explanation is that Superman is either,

A) Muslim and therefore sympathizes with Iran

Or B) inexplicably afraid of small nuclear weapons.

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Out of the two (liberal and conservative), he'd fall more on the line of conservative. But truthfully, Superman should NOT actively participate in politics at all. Superman should be a Champion of Moral Exceptionalism(not a word, but I think you get my point lol). He should be the sheer example of humanity being able to help one another without having to serve ones own ends (He is basically the antithesis of the survival of the fittest mentality).

With that being said, Action Comic #900 is F+_++:g dumb... The American Way not mattering to Supes character?? REALLY?? Could you image if Kal El's spaceship landed in the middle of a Taliban camp?? Supes would have heat visoned America with an intensity that would make the omega beams look like tears. He would have imposed his will on every corner of the planet (maybe the universe). Killed off the justice league starting with Wonder Woman by eating her heart, in front of her face, while she is still alive. And he would have forced Lois to be his concubine...

It really was just a marketing gimmick and nothing else to bring in more "enlightened" kids. I mean, Superman has always been a world hero. Its just that having the American values that has made America into the freest country on earth (which is something that America right now REALLY needs) gives him guidance and makes him more likely to be a nicer guy (more willing to talk things out first than use his power) but also more willing to make a stand against tyranny. With all the problems America has right now, we are far from a positive America. But to say we are the worst in the world... mates and miladies... you really don't know much about the world...

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