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@citizenbane Figured you'd want to see this. It's about Cyborg Superman.

Personally I'm not happy that it looks like Lobdell will be doing something with the character. We all know Lobdell's run isn't anything special. It might be good to some but it's nothing unique. And a unique storyteller is needed to depict Cyborg Superman correctly. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong. And Cyborg Superman will humble Superman in fisticuff's Here's the image

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Cyborg Superman is awesome...

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Pfft, this is old news for anyone like me who's been reading Team 7 (which due to its cancellation I assume is a very small amount of people haha).

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@jsh92: Team 7 has Cyborg Superman?

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How Hank Henshaw became a cyborg is in the team 7 book.

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Beyond epic!

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@powerwoman: He isn't on Team 7 itself, but he shows up as Hank Henshaw in an issue of it. He works in some cyborg/robotics lab where Caitlin Fairchild is an intern and where they were holding Spartan.

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@jsh92: Eh.I‘m remember Mr. majestic in here though

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