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My friend heard Angry Joe say this and now he won't get off my back at school about it. Basically Angry J said that if Superman read every book about being a detective or science he would be smarter than Batman in all aspects. And that if Superman fight Brainiac and Luthor who are smarter than Batman and wins then why would Bats win. I said that he could do that but Batman would still be better because he thinks differently and the way he thinks is better(idk I had to come up with a rebuttal). But what do you guys think.

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Superman already is smarter than Batman in the academic sense. If they both took a test, say the SATs one second of research would be enough for Superman to get a perfect score. An eidetic memory plus the ability to read 100s of books a second makes him one of the smartest beings in all existence.

Batman is more "clever" and "creative", but if it were a competition of knowledge, or IQ, or science etc, Superman is already superior.

In Superman's self-titled comic, Lex Luthor says Superman's intellect is the only that compares to his own. In an issue of Superman/Batman, Supes notes that he could improve Batman's gadgets but doesnt want to hurt his pride. He knows almost every language and can learn them on the fly. Its like comparing a super computer to a human genius, they arent the same thing.

One thing Joe claims is that Superman could become a better detective or tactician than Batman, which isnt quite accurate IMO, because academically knowing how to wage war isnt the same as having a the ability to adapt and think creatively. He would be a better detective INSTRUMENT, capable of processing possibilities millions of times faster than Batman, microscopic & telescopic vision, the ability to see the entire electromagnetic spectrum, the ability to hear a butterflies wings in another country, etc, but it isnt quite the same.

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Superman's brain is like the entire library of congress.

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Superman's brain is kryptonian so yes his brain does have potential capacity to be smarter than Batman and Luthor

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Writers have to down play his brains, because with his power an the gear he has in the fortress of solitude ,and being super smart,It would be hard to write a good Villain or a good comic.When one character would be so powerful an smart at the same time, that is why majestic only had two volumes.

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Someone gonna post the scan of him blazing through medical textbooks in order to perform heart surgery?

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He is.

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In some stories he is trying to cure cancer. On other stories (superman red sun) he was able to perform an operation simply by reading the book before doing it. In superman birth right, Clark told his dad Lex was the smartest kid in school, his dad replied ONE of the smartest, and Clark replied with something like that's different, I can just read faster. In smallville he made a comment about being able to do quantum physics. In smallville he made a comment about being able to do quantum physics. and he has built and programmed robots. He certainly is a smart man

In the common sense department though I believe he is a dummy

There is being smart, and then there is being clever.

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batman isnt and will never be smarter than superman. in the old 52 he recognized gorilla grodd by his heartbeat.