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he should take over for jim lee whenever he gets done drawing unchained. don't get me wrong I want jim lee to draw it as long as possible but this guys art is amazing

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@sog7dc: no way,he needs to be on the superboy book lol.

He has said he was sick of drawing the torn suit,he even tried to get DC to change it.heres hoping he gets the gig someday,he is drawing the cover for issue 24 though.his work on nightwing is really great,but that is also because he has a great inker in norm rapmund,and a great colonists in Andrew Dalhouse.

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@sog7dc: He is drawing a Superman/Batman issue for villains month about Doomsday. it's Superman/Batman 3.1 or Doomsday #1 if you will. and it's written by Greg Pak. but I do agree with you if Jim Lee ever stops or needs a break get Brett Booth. or maybe even Bryan Hitch he's an amazing artist but he hasn't done anything with DC yet even though he's on contract with them.

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Ehhh not really a big fan of Booth's drawing style, it's a little rougher than I'd like.

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Honestly, Jim Lee is still pretty damn amazing, not to mention more popular with fan, it would be a bad idea to switch artists.

Talent counts, but the fan popularity counts even more.

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@sog7dc: yes he is a great artist one of DC's best who doesn't get enough credit. he does great with street level and power characters which I really like. His Doomsday is sick though

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Hmm he could be a good Unchained replacement now that I think about it. His style would be suited for Superman.

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I much rather have Brett back in nightwing or maybe aquaman..... But he jim lee & rocafort r the best superman artists at the moment

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Brett Booth draws a pretty solid Superman, but I'd rank Rocafort, Lee and Daniel as the best Superman artists in the new 52.

I still really enjoy his art though, I've got the Superman Unchained #1 New 52 Variant drawn by him and I love it. Although when I look at his drawings of Superman, they do sometimes remind me of Superboy.

If any book in the Supes family needs a better artist, it's Superboy in my opinion, he'd do really well there.

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Now that I have your attention, Brett Booth is a great artist yes but he style is just not right for a superman book. Superboy yes and deafeningly Red Hood and The Outlaws but not Unchained.

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So it's settled,Brett is going to be moved immediately to the Superboy book,because WE say so lol.

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That Doomsday is so much win

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You guys don't like him for superman though?! The pictures I posted are incredible though. What makes him better for superboy than superman?

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My only problem with Booth's art is the faces.

All the faces look the same! If he manage to fix that he will become one of DC's premier artists.

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im not really into his art

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He's good, but his faces are his weak point.

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the same freaking face everywhere!!!!!! even liefeld has a little variation.

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@sog7dc: he draws ppl young,so his superman looks like a superboy sometimes,and the whole face thing everyone else is talking about,which I don't have a problem with at all.i loved his superboy in the teen titans,and he is only getting better in nightwing.

Brett go to the superboy book,I will let you redesign a suit you want to draw promise.

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I just love his art, he makes Superman look hunky and sexy.