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Hey guys :D

Quick question... I recently came across an interesting piece of information regarding Bats and Supes. It said that Bats owns the Daily Planet and Clark's apartment in Metropolis. I've been reading comics for a long time now and I don't remember ever picking up anything about that.

Is this like a big thing - as in mentioned many times or a running theme? Or was it mentioned like once or twice?

It seems kinda silly to me :D

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I dont know about his apartment but i do believe he indirectly owns the daily planet.

So technically if Superman were to destroy one of Batman's gadgets or something and pay him back,he would just be giving his own money back to him.


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Thanks for the answer Pr0metheus.

Does anybody know where this gets referenced? :D I can't find it.


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from what I remember Lex had bought the paper and eventually sold it to White and then a while later Bruce bought it from him I think

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The Daily Planet is part of the entertainment division of Bruce Wayne's company.

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Thanks a lot for your help you guys! :D

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pre-new 52 he owned the Daily Planet, that was referred to in Hush, don't know about the apartment though.