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Its obvious that he'll be back eventually, cause why leave him alive in the one place he could escape the reboot? Prime still has his Armor AND he's not dead. That's all the excuse he needs. I'm thinking he'll be back during the next crisis level crossover, and now that he's unbelievably depowered as of the Teen Titans thing we all hate, he should be easier to write for. I'm guessing the Big bad'll bust him out to build an army against the JLA. So what are your ideas and/or opinions on Prime's damn near inevitable return.

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Im a big fan of SBP and Jason Todd i would like to seem him in the outlaws just cuz think it would be cool to see them interact

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@Herokiller12344: Im a big fan of SBP and Jason Todd i would like to seem him in the outlaws just cuz think it would be cool to see them interact

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He's a stupid character who should remain stuck in the Wall till the end of time.

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@CitizenBane:what part of sbp fans only don't you understand clown.

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I think it be cool if he would be wouldn't be made a villain all the freaking time.

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He'll always be a boy.....

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It would be nice if he did come back

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He is my favorite DC villain and as a huge Superman man, one of my top 10 favorite characters of all time. I loved both Countdown where he ripped thru the multiverse and FC Legion of 3 Worlds when he was the Time Trapper. I think Geoff Johns really likes the Superboy Prime character, thats why he has brought SBP into so many of his story arcs (Legion of 3 Worlds, Sinestro Corps War, Infinite Crisis) so I'm really hoping that he'll bring him back. I would love if they gave him a mini that focused on him, similar to what they did with The Penguin. I like the idea proposed by X, to have him join the Outlaws and try to redeem himself next to Jason Todd, I think that could be a cool story and a great dynamic between them, give us another Bat & Superman team-up, but this one consisting of the Black Sheep of the Batman & Superman families. That could be really cool. If they didn't go that route I would also love to see Superboy Prime be the Legion's ultimate villain once again and be the Time Trapper or have him travelling thru the changed Multiverse (which we know still exists due to the JSA book taking place on Earth 2) and tearing shit up like he did in Countdown. I would love to see him throw another Lex Luthor into the sun or carve the S shield into someone's face again.

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I dont see how he would make sense after the reboot

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Why not? He has a lot of history with the Flash family, which is the cause of Flashpoint and the reboot. I don't see why he wouldn't have a place, he is a product of the multi-verse which is in fact still intact. And as someone who has been able to hope around in the multi-verse I can see him remembering how the DC Universe used to be, and see this as the heroes failing once again, especially with his past run-ins with the Flash family I can see him really wanting to go after Barry for ruining all those years of continuity in his comic books. I mean he is written as a parallel to the ultimate fanboy, and a lot of DC fanboys hate the relaunch for all of the lost continuity (I am one of the few long time DC fans who are over it :P ) and I can see him really being pissed that his comic collection and complete runs are now moot thanks to the reboot caused by the Flash.

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If he comes back an that is a big darn if , i would like to see him more as a serious bad ass villain , not they 12 year old baby

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I really think SBP haters over exaggerate how whiny he is, his complaining doesn't even compare to some of the "woah is me" eras that Spider-Man and Daredevil have gone thru. Spider-Man lost Uncle Ben, Gwen Stacy, and for a short time Aunt May. Big deal, 3 people, get over it. Superboy Prime lost his entire world and was stuck living in limbo with a Luthor. Cut the kid some slack. He is a badass, he was a badass in all of his most recent appearances, Sinestro Corps, Countdown, FC Legion of 3 Worlds, and the last arc of pre-reboot Teen Titans.

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I wish he never came back. Im a prime fan but losing to titans lol

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@HolySerpent: yea they disgraced him with that he needs to redeem himself after that

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I think he will return but not at the levels in his last showing they will and must overpower him that how we all know and respect prime. I kinda want the time trapper to make an appearance and free him i so miss that guy. Despite the shameful last showing i will always be a prime fan, every hero and villain in comic have that pathetic defeat moment it was prime's time i guess.

Plus he was forced on the source wall not trying to discover whats behind it or its power so i see him coming back in a major event with some powerups.

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WHen Majestic Show up so he can get a piece of him too lol

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I have two ways Prime should show up again:

1) Pre-Flashpoint Connor was blasted into Earth Prime. While there, he ended up staying with Prime's parents and meeting Laurie. While laying low after learning his universe did a ctrl+alt+del, hoping they restore a pre-flashpoint continuity like the Marvel how Marvel, he takes up reading new issues in an effort to keep up with the times, he starts raging about how they changed his friends and now they suck. Enraged, he goes to DC comics and demands they change everything back. Some writers at DC manage to create a way (in the DC universe) to send Connor there. However, it is post-flashpoint and Connor ends up being the new SBP

2) After SBP was sent back into the DC universe, Laurie went to DC comics and demanded to know why they did not leave them alone. One of the editors of DC comics start going on about how dangerous he was and how they had to get rid of him. Laurie starts screaming that they controlled his actions in the DC universe and that the real Clark wasn't like that. Basically, DC editors are gods to the DCU and one editor decides Laurie would be an interesting character. He manages to send Laurie into the DCU. Laurie at first wants to try to get the new Superman to save Prime, omitting what Prime has done, when she notices a scar that matched one that Prime had acquired during his childhood. This leads Laurie to believe that Prime got mixed into the new Siprtman, and she becomes something of a villainess. Trying to seduce Superman, using basic Superman knowledge to get to him and to get trying Prime to reach out to the Prime inside. Her secondary goal is to return to Earth-Prime and expose how DC editors could use events in the DCU to affect Earth-Prime for their own profit

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@CaptainMarvel64: All good ideas.

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@CaptainMarvel64: this idea list is kinda BA

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I think they probably could since they did mention a Flashpoint Wall in Legion Of Superheroes or was that Legion Lost one or the two. And Maybe he could break through that by accident and fight Legion and stay on this side. Or Maybe just have Earth Prime not effected at all by the Reboot cause Personally Superboy Prime is one of my favorite Dc Villains

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Been a longtime lurker but made an account just so I could reply to this post. I think SBP is a great idea and they did the onlything they could (source wall) to preserve him so however the "Universe" changes he can be brought out some how and just wreck everything. It seems the new 52 the heros are more "realistic" and a bet less powered... Which means SBP will be even more lethal. Plus he is so intresting becuase in his mind he is a heo he is not the villan. He can and will justify anything simple becuase he knows whats right becuase he IS super man. Ideally I would love to see the entire 52 have to band together for a huge threat like a New 52 version of a star eater... where everyone has to team up or die... and after they suceed... then make it to where SBP is realeased and is beyond pissed and goes on a rampage that makes Doomsday's first appearence look like a gentle message.. Also have it to while in the source wall SBP has become almost DR.Doomish thinking he needs to rule the world or it will be destroyed. he is the only way to save the world and he has to conquer it to rule it... just my thought

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Just had to add... it would be even better if instead of the star eater extinguishing the sun they could mke a new 52 version of Mag Og as a herald to a new impirex or a new monitor who has been driven mad by the merging... maybe they have to get prime becuase they need him and he reluctantly agrees leading to his eventual potential redemption? could be played out interestingly over severel years

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I am a huge superman fan. i used to hate when people tell me other heroes like Thor, Surfer or Apollo could beat up Supes. but then came Prime. and he has become my all time favourite villian since then. So i would love to see him back in the New 52 Universe.

one of the reasons we could for is that geoff johns is a major player in the DC editorial staff, and as we all know the current incarnation of Prime was created by Johns.

this is from a Craveonline website article detailing the DC New Wave panel.

Q: A Superboy Prime fan asks about where he is? DiDio says they've changed how the multiverse works now. Grant Morrison is working on a 'multiversity' storyline that could introduce that down the line. Everybody has their favorite character they want to come back, but DiDio says if they brought everybody back all at once, they'd be just where they were before the New 52, so they have to roll them out slowly.

this is from bleeding cool website article on

Q: fan that loves the New 52. Superboy Prime is a favorite villain. Plans?

A: Geoff Johns: “If he came back, then he would hate every body. No plans. He’s probably out there somewhere complaining about something.”

And, have you guys seen the new Superman villian H,el?

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i"d love ti see prime complain about how everything is changed, would prefer him to have his own comedy book catered strictly to humour.

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I would love to see SBP comeback but I also want for him to have a happy ending. I mean, give the guy a break, he's been through a lot. The guy should either redeem himself(after first creating a mess in the New52 ;p) or giving him some kind of peace. But it's really interesting for me to see him kick some(most) asses in the Dcnu.

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@Darkest_Lord Hmmm y not pair him up w sentry/void? Now that's very intersting. I wanna see them beat the crap out of each other

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He's a stupid character who should remain stuck in the Wall till the end of time.

no no. you leave.. we no like you (consuela)

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They should stick with the Geoff Johns origin, because that was brilliant, and remove his whiny aspects. And, instead of making him an outright villain, he should be a more extremist Superman

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The next multiverse crossover will probably show more evil versions of superman, ultraman, evil versions of superboy, etc.