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I like the Cuckoos, but i hope Marvel can do more with them aside from just operating cerebra and stuff...

I'd also like to see the extent of their diamond form, do they share the same abilities as Emma in this form? we can only assume i guess, although it is stated that can communicate telepathically, but just communicate? or can they perform other telepathic feats as well???? hmmmm

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@stormyweather: Not sure if you've seen the latest issue of Uncanny X-men, but it looks like some of this will be addressed. The girls mentioned that they could change into diamond form but Emma Frost asks them not to. It seems they, like she, can't use telepathy in that form.

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I just read Vol. 2 of All New X-Men, so the Cuckoos decided to go back with Emma and Scott to their new "school"... its funny how they always try to set themselves apart from her and say they're "nothing like her" but follow her like lost puppies -___-

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To be fair, Bendis did attempt to address their supposed distaste with Emma and their outright rejection at the idea of her being their "mother" was definitely established. I don't know about their seeming misandry. - It's one thing to express distaste towards the woman they have been cloned after for her sexuality only to crush on her former partner "Cyclops" for so long. Plus, the whole ice cold blonde princess shtick is wearing thin.

Bendis is attempting to separate them in some ways - the discord initially between the three -- the blocking out of Emma and the genuine remorse shown afterwards by one of them and the sympathy expressed at Emma's plight, all illustrated as mostly individuals rather than a triad entity as they are usually shown. Emma made herself vulnerable to them, which was really great to see -- this time it enhanced her character rather than took away. So the relationship between the four is certainly developing.

I hope more focus is placed on these characters -- they have already proven to be quite an asset to Cyclops' team based on how things were left in the latest Uncanny X-Men. It was a good move for the girls to go over to Cyclops' camp.

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Haven't been interesting or worthwhile since Morrison wrote them. Their cameos in Whedon's run were fine, everything since has been total crap. Best to just let them go by the wayside before something unbelievably terrible happens and ruins them.

*Warsong happens*

*Bendis on X-Men happens*

Sigh, never mind.

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Well. This happened. Maybe now that they are Telekinetic and Telepathic and have diamond form, they'll get more action. (I don't like that they are tk now btw.)

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I like that's they're telekinetics, since they don't like Jean they could battle in the physical and mental world.

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@tariqjp: I'm not sure they dislike Jean. Only Celeste did for a while. But last time they were all together, they all fought alongside each other. They don't really have reason to dislike Jean. Especially now that Emma and teen aged Jean have come to terms.