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Poll: Would Chris Yost be a better writer of Spider-man? (16 votes)

Yes 75%
No 25%

I created this poll in response to those that would have voted for Chris Yost in my previous poll

Who should be writing Spider-man?

Unfortunately when I created the poll, the list I got the names from didn't include Chris's name, so instead of redoing the while poll and getting locked, I decided to create a single poll for him and then tie-in the results with bigger poll.

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From what i've seen thus far yes.

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Ya he seems to know how to write Spidey well so far.

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He writes Spidey brilliantly.!

Many Loves Of Amazing Spider-Man and Fear Itself:Spider-Man proves my point.....(i dont mention Avenging,cause i want him to write Pete,not Ock...after Slott leaves..)

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I have always struggled with Slott. I don't particularly hate his ideas but I don't like his writing. On the other hand I have enjoyed much of Yost.

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Both Slott and Yost have done a tremendous job with the character. I would be happy with either of them moving forward. It would be nice to see Yost take the reigns on the main title. The guy tells a great story. Slott though has hit a home run with Superior Spider-Man.


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I think he could. Chris Yost is a great writer and I think he would do a lot of neat stories with Spidey. That's not saying Dan Slott is bad, he's a great writer as well.

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F@ck yeah!

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