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When Peter returns to his body and to his role as Spiderman, should he keep the gear Otto created? Obviously he wouldn't employ Spider-bots nearly as often as Otto and he'd ditch the claws and Spider-arms, but wouldn't the lenses and new web formula be handy?

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They'll probably make him lose everything......

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Peter can make his own gear remember Ends of the Earth spider armor? he can make his own gear but I personally like Spider Man without all that stuff.

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He'll probably lose it all and Slott will perhaps decrease Peter's intellect to Amadeus Cho or even (brrr) Hank McCoy level intellect, yeah that bad.

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Yeah Slott likes to make Otto the smartest person in the Marvel Universe so Peter's IQ will probably drop even though Peter is a lot brighter and has been outsmarting Otto since he was a teenager. Look at Otto's thesis a real one hit wonder.

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He'll probably lose it based off the idea that Otto's gear isn't what Spider-Man is about.

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He should definitely ditch the spider-legs. Those things always looked dumb to me even on the Iron Spider costume.

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He'll probably get his body back once Otto looses everything and puts his life in an even worse state than it was before Spock took over. He'll be back to being broke, single and guilty and Marvel pretend like its an all new status despite the fact that its just resetting to the 70s and early 80s.

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And the thing is I appreciate the late 70's early 80's it was new and fresh enough in its time but its greatest value was covering that ground in Peter's life and demonstrating why he should not go through/be written in such circumstances again. I don't understand editorials fixation with that era Peter was in college for forever his money problems were boring by the two hundredth issue and the revolving door romance only served to show how uninteresting revolving door love interest are.

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I wouldn't want his army or big brother stuff, but I hope if he's watching, Pete learns a bunch of Otto's improved, non-fascist methods. Oh and keep the Spider sneaks, I like the look. Actually who whole costume except the spider legs