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Poll: What is your favourite spider-themed costume? (40 votes)

Original 30%
Superior Spiderman 10%
Stealth Suit 5%
Anti-sinister six 3%
Scarlet Spider (Kaine) 10%
Venom (eddie brock) 8%
Venom (Flash Thompson) 8%
Future Foundation 5%
Ultimate Spiderman (miles morales) 3%
Iron Spider 5%
Anti-Massacre armour 0%
Other 15%
Superior Spider-man
Stealth Suit
Anti-sinister six
Scarlet Spider (Kaine)
Venom (flash thompson)
Future Foundation
Iron Spider

Venom (eddie Brock)
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My one's between ultimate spiderman, future foundation and superior spiderman

And I forgot to add miles morales' pic

#2 Posted by Ninjablade09 (3209 posts) - - Show Bio

The Good Ol Red and Blue.

#3 Posted by Perethorn (3910 posts) - - Show Bio

I love this one

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Hoody Scarlet Spider

#5 Posted by InnerVenom123 (29515 posts) - - Show Bio

Spider-man, and Spider-man related characters, have the best costumes out of the Big Two. Love it.

#6 Posted by DarkKnight1939 (148 posts) - - Show Bio

The classic costume is the best, with Venom (Eddie Brock) and Future Foundation having great designs.

#7 Posted by MyNameWasDeleted (679 posts) - - Show Bio

DIS ONE! Why no love?

#8 Posted by spider11211 (1143 posts) - - Show Bio

Hard to beat the classic

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Given the choices, the original.

#10 Posted by MyNameWasDeleted (679 posts) - - Show Bio

Hoody Scarlet Spider

woop didn't see ya there- yes there's some love

#11 Posted by KnightRise (4762 posts) - - Show Bio

Miles is great, but my favorite is the upcoming new Superior based on Alex Ross's prototype.

#12 Posted by jstndmnd (1043 posts) - - Show Bio

I voted other, I grew up with The original Scarlet Spider.

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No love for kaine's scarlet spider? His costume would be my second favourite. third is future foundation. First is either ultimate spider-man or original.

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Spider-man 2099, Peter is still the best Spider-Man but Miguel has the best suit.

#15 Posted by Bokkie (83 posts) - - Show Bio

Still Ben as Scarlet Spider, I love the hoody !

#16 Posted by longbowhunter (7991 posts) - - Show Bio

I voted Flash as Venom. I've always liked the M-Day Spidey suit a lot too.

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@joshmightbe: totally agree. Spider-Man 2099 has the best suit!

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Spidey Noir. I still voted for Venom (eddie) though.

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Black Suited Spider-Man is EASILY my favorite. But next up is Eddie Brock's Venom, then Noir Spider-Man, then Iron Spider, than the original Spidey costume. :)

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To me it's either Flash Thompson's Venom suit or Spider-man's big time suit. Another fan favorite is Original Scarlet Spiders suit its a classic :)