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There is no such thing as Spider-Man 3! The Spider-Man duology is great!

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Yes it was atrocious.

I saw it at the cinema, I was cringing from start to finish.

"I know dat face!"

Awful dialogue, awful casting, embarrassing "dad humour", everyone acting out of character, urgh

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@ryagan said:

@dwightspitz said:

And I can't understand why they made Mary Jane into such a spoiled little b*tch neither, was it just me or is she only sad because she's not "famous & loved by the public", what the hell kinda problem is that?

I didn't like Kirsten Dunst's portrayal of Mary Jane much either. I don't really blame Kirsten Dunst, though; I blame the writing. And yeah, she probably wasn't the best casting choice for the character, but she still could've pulled off the confident, sassy Mary Jane we know and love from the comics. Her character in the movies was so generic and whiny, and it makes me wonder why, when her comic counterpart is far more interesting.

I like spiderman 1 and 2 and like you I couldn’t bring myself to like Kirsten Dunst as MJ, because at least for me she doesn’t look or act like MJ.

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I saw a video that someone made of Spider-Man 3 where he edited out everyhing the studio made Rami shoehorn in. It was like 52 minutes long but much better than the movie.

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Amazing Spider-man was far worse than Spider-man 3. It gets too much hatred. PP being too careless when he got the venom but it was the same in the comics and the TV show that got a lot of love at the time.

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Yep! It's aweful!