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As a select few of you may already know, two scenes in the upcoming the Amazing Spider-Man will be filmed in my hometown of Rochester, New York. GFDKHGDIUUQIUHNDNSIWQIJIDKLIGAGAOOLJAL. Pardon me; the shock is still settling. Where were we? Spider-Man. I'm going to be in Spider-Man. Several of my friends (12-15 of us) and myself signed up as extras for both scenes. All that was required was a picture of our respective cars, our DOBS, and a photo of ourselves. Myself and two other friends recieved an email for confirming us for the first scene, while another four recieved a seperate email for the second scene. (F*ck you, Manny for getting both emails.) Anywho, once we provide our licenses, registration, insurance proof, and elect to sign our lives away some waivers, we'll recieve more news. Filming starts the 30th of April.

If by some miracle we're on camera for more than .049 seconds, look for a

-white '96 Monte Carlo (thats me!)

-blue '05 Impala

-maroon '97 Bonneville

-blue late 90s Oldsmobile

-black '11 Toyota Corolla

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Super sweet, yo. I hope the Rhino doesn't bash your car in!

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*Makes shure it's not april 1*

That's awesome, dude!!

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Damn, that's awesome! Always wanted to be an extra in a comic-book movie....

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That's so cool!

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That's awesome!! I'm happy for you! When the movie comes out, make sure to make a screenshot of where you appear so we can see it ^_^

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ZOMG that's awesome you lucky devil! I'll try and look out for you but it might be a bit fast for me to spot you lol.

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That's cool. Be sure to look out for you when the movie comes round.

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@lvenger said:

ZOMG that's awesome you lucky devil! I'll try and look out for you but it might be a bit fast for me to spot you lol.

What he said

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Act like Green Goblin. Maybe they'll consider you for the part.

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That is amazing. Hulk am so jealous. Hulk hope you have fun.

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@blackreaper: My fantasy is that Spider-Man will swing overhead as I look up, and someone will yell out "MILES!" and I'll glance and run in their direction. Yes, I am Miles Morales in my head.